These days, wearing shoes is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Those days, people used to go bare footed because footwear was expensive then. Things have changed and nowadays, people can easily get a pair of cheap slippers to wear as one of the cheapest form of footwear.

Why is footwear important? It is important because it protects our feet from injury in case we happened to kick something hard or to protect the soles of our feet in case we step on something sharp. It is very important that diabetic patients need proper footwear to protect their feet from injury.

Footwear also protects our feet from dirt and keeps our feet clean. We need footwear to protect us from the penetration of worms and germs through the skin of our feet and also protects our feet from fungus. Footwear also protects our feet from extreme cold or hot pavement during extreme weather conditions.

There are different types of footwear available in the market. There are footwear for men, women and unisex footwear. In our modern society, men and women are comfortable wearing unisex footwear. Unisex footwear consists of Boots, Sneakers, Slippers, Flip-flops, Sandals, Crocs, Cleats, Flats and Clogs. Out of all the footwear, you can easily pick 7 stylish house shoes that are trendy and comfortable such as the sneakers, slippers, flip-flops, sandals, flats, crocs and clogs.

We not only look for stylish, trendy footwear, but we also want to look for the most comfortable ones.

The plain white sneakers women’s footwear is commonly found in many women’s closet. The plain white sneakers can easily blend with any colour and type of clothing. It is one of the most comfortable, lightweight footwear and much sort after by everyone.

Other than white, there are many colored sneakers designed in various patterns to match the different outfits. A pair of sneakers is great for walking because it is comfortable and lightweight.

Another popular unisex footwear is sandals because they are stylish, comfortable, and suitable for both genders of all ages. Sandals are easy to match with anything casual and they look as gorgeous whether you are wearing a pair of jeans, pants, shorts, or a maxi dress.

Sandals are great for summer weather because they allow your feet to breathe. They are comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Unisex sandals come in different colors and styles. If you are looking for cheap, discounted sandals, it is best to wait for the Birkenstock sandals clearance sale.

Flats is another unisex footwear but it is more popular with women than with men. When wearing high heels is out of the question, a pair of women’s flat shoes can save the situation. Women’s flat shoes are comfortable as well as stylish in look. It is easy going and suitable for all situation.

A pair of elegant women’s flat shoes are suitable for office wear or for a dinner date. There is a wide selection of trendy women’s flat shoes including the popular ballet flats and sling backs.

If you are looking for comfortable footwear, you can also consider clogs or crocs. They are suitable for people who are on the feet most of the time. These footwear comes in different colors and patterns and they are popular because they are easily removable.

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