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A Child is a Soul Entrusted to You

One of the things I had to learn over the years, through experiences, is that my children aren’t my possession. I remember growing up, we’d always hear that the kids are their parents or the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

While it is true that your children will carry some of your habits and personality traits, they are still individual souls in a new human body. They are here to do the job that Source has entrusted them to complete. They have a purpose. They have a mission. They have something unique about them, that is unlike the uniqueness in you.

These children are little pieces of light that we are entrusted with the job of helping guide them toward their calling. We are not to choose their calling, I firmly believe each child is brought into this world with their purpose within them.

Through experiences, time, and the proper guidance each child will flourish into something brighter than you’d ever imagine. The issue is that this world, the Earthly world, has a lot of stressors. Each child begins their journey with joy in their heart, a smile on their face, and content with having their minimal needs met.

I know some of you may say that your child was born difficult, and you know what? I have one of those, but my memory doesn’t recall when that exactly started and perhaps it started after the world got its talons on him, started giving him medicines, and messing with his natural flow.

I’ll never know for sure.

The choices we make as parents must be guided by the inner instinct that guides us to know what’s best for the souls that are entrusted to us. This may mean opening your mind to new directions, attempting to do something outside of the norm, and continuing to watch as your child grows and learns their way in life.

This isn’t easy with the onset of advanced technology and children as young as two having tablets connected to the internet in their hands. This technology, and what your children watch, is starting to adjust to what the natural human can evolve to.


The other part of the situation in raising children is that more and more families are broken apart. They think divorce is a means to an end, and that raising a child as a single mom is somehow stronger than leaning into your partner to get help in raising that child.

Co-parenting can be done beautifully, I’ve seen it. With that being said, most co-parenting scenarios are difficult with parents thinking that their child is property. I’ve experienced some of this firsthand over the years, a parent thinking that he ‘deserves half the year split up evenly with the child’ because it’s his child, too.

Rather than pausing the ego mind and realizing that splitting a child down the middle is such a weird way to do things, I mean it’s worth a try, and yes some of you have done it in a way that seems to have worked for your family. There is a time in most parenting lives, especially co-parenting when you have to pause and revisit what is best for this particular soul.

Sometimes a child does better with one parent over the other, and guess what? That might not be you and it will hurt, and it does suck, but your job isn’t to hold on tightly to your child as prized possession using your ego mind, rather it’s your job to let go and trust that the soul is part you and will return to you for you’ve given the freedom to have wings to figure out where they feel best fit in this world.

Traditional Schooling

Another part of real life that can cause stressors and mess up your little soul’s light is traditional school settings. I combine with this technology in how it ends up, for lack of a better word, brainwashing your little sunshine.

When your adventurous, brave, daring, and creative soul heads into traditional school these days they end up learning things that aren’t truth, or beliefs that they cannot comprehend just yet at such a young age. They then cling to these stories as real life, rather than what they are, imagination or another adult human’s view based on their experiences.

I watched the traditional school system that I loved and had enjoyed while growing up turn from a positive environment with consistency, learning, and togetherness into a negative environment. I must say, there were still some great teachers there, I am not dissing teachers by any means. Teachers are a part of what raised me to who I am today and helped *my* soul shine bright.

I am grateful my kids had some positive light in their lives when they were in traditional school settings, but the things I found traditional schools starting to do were; splitting up families by not allowing them to be part of important parent/teacher IEP or 504 meetings for input, not contacting families when a child was acting amuck in the classroom, and not being consistent with disciplinary actions.

A child could sneak out to recess, as an example, when told they were supposed to have indoor recess as a “punishment” for whatever “crime” they had in the classroom. The issue is the lack of discipline because then your sweet sunshine soul child comes home and thinks that you won’t have consistent discipline and the family dynamic changes. Life becomes a bit harder as you work to remind your child where they are; at home with consistency, expectations, and love.

Not only all of that, but I watched the school start to deduct points for creativity! That was the first step towards me getting frustrated with having my children in the traditional school setting. I waited to find out how it made my child feel, and eventually, I watched as 2 of my 3 children declined in mental health.

I knew that being at a school more than at home in this type of environment that it had become was not healthy for them. I watched and learned, and had to adapt to something that would bring up their mental health and encourage them to shine as the spirit they were supposed to be.

In time all three of my spirited children came home to do an online schooling, homeschooling, or unschooling option and each graduated slightly or super early from their high school studies with an attitude or personality that seemed more aligned with who they were born to be.

What can a parent do?

The best tip I have for any parent out there who is struggling with the concept that your child isn’t your possession is to seek therapy, read a book like The Power of Now, and do some soul-searching within yourself.

It’s the broken pieces of us that cause us to hold on tight to our children. We know that the world isn’t that safe. We’ve learned through our experiences that people close to us can do awful things. We know that alcohol has us acting horribly.

We know that there’s something more in this life, but we fear it since maybe we were not raised to trust this gut feeling. There are many reasons why a parent holds on tight to a child, but that’s not what your job is about.

Sometimes just watching your child and seeing how they respond to various situations, and being open to picking a choice that maybe isn’t the “norm’. I can’t relate to a parent who wants their child to “fit in” and be a robotic version of someone else. I know that’s an ‘easier life’ in some instances, but we clearly define “easy” differently. Fitting in these days is not easy, it leads to depression, anxiety, and a boatload of mental health issues and addictions from what I see.

A parent can do the best for their child by letting go, stepping back, and trusting that Source has their child’s best interest at heart. You can trust that your child will learn from how you behave, learn, and grow. A child is soaking up so much knowledge during those first few years of life, why not try to become the person you want your child to be today?

I think that’s the best thing a parent can do. I have the utmost respect for a parent who was a mess while raising their children, but somewhere along the way they found the light and changed their direction. This doesn’t heal everything in the family unit, but by being the light in that child’s life? You may have just inspired them to return to their natural state of light, joy, and contentedness with having more of this life to live.


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