A Friend to All: How to Deepen Your Friendships

Friends bring joy and comfort to our lives, as they are there for us when we hit a problem or if we need to laugh. Now, more than ever, friendship is invaluable as we find ourselves wanting to be with our loved ones during the pandemic.

The physical distance between friends can make it hard sometimes to deepen a relationship and grow new experiences together. There are many ways you can reach out to a friend and activities that will take your bonding to the next level. Are you ready to take the next step in your friendship?

Share Your Experiences

Try new things with your friend and take them on new adventures you can share. Taking trips and experimenting with new activities create amazing memories you will forever hold. ESFP personality types are particularly good at this, ESFP meaning extraverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving as they’re social and love spontaneous trips.

We can learn a lot from sociable personality types but deciding to spontaneously contact a friend and suggest an activity. If you’re not physically close, you can organize an online activity such as a cocktail night, which will connect you with your friends.

Learn to Listen

Friendships aren’t always about having fun and going out together. If you want to deepen your friendship it’s important to ask them how they’re doing, and then really listen to the answer. Take the time to explore your friend’s emotions and listen to their problems.

Give them a call to explore one another’s emotional states not to discuss some fun gossip. The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone, and many people simply want someone to listen. Be that person and give them a call to check-in.

Share Your Favorite Films

Learn more about your friend by discussing your favorite film with them and promising to watch their favorite movie. You will learn a lot about someone when you watch their favorite shows and films. They will also appreciate your taking the time to experience something they care about.

You can even watch it together over the internet and message your reactions in a chat as the film plays. To make it a night in, grab the best movie snacks and snuggle in a comfy blanket. Watching something together is an easy way to get to know someone.

Be Yourself

Your friend is friends with you because they love your personality. So be yourself and let yourself relax with the other person. Be confident during these difficult times by expressing yourself freely when around loved ones. The real you will be more appealing than the version you might be faking.

Don’t tailor your opinions to your friend, but instead discuss your differences and listen to each other’s side. People warm to those who are genuine and confident with who they are, so if you talk freely to your friend about your problems or opinions they’ll likely love and connect with you like never before.



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