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A Review Guide to Adult Friend Finder’s Hookup Site

Since the dawn of time, there has been a need for us, humans, to interact with both sexes. While it won’t be a difficulty making friends with people who are the same sex as you, it is hooking up with the opposite sex that may be a challenge for many adults. Well, not anymore! With the help of dating sites, getting to meet someone new for a raunchy rump is just a click away. While there are numerous dating sites available to you, finding the right one that meets your needs can be quite the deal-breaker.

One of the most popular options at your disposal is the Adult Friend Finder. And if you are single and willing to mingle, or are in a polyamorous relationship and don’t mind swinging with a total stranger, then you may want to learn more about using this dating site. The internet could be a great place to meet a lot of beautiful people, but you could also learn quickly that online dating may not be your thing. But if you are willing to take the plunge, this review guide to Adult Friend Finder’s hookup site is an excellent place to start. See here: https://breakupshop.com/adult-friend-finder-reviews/

How About the Features 

The Adult Friend Finder is an online dating service powered by Friend Finder Networks. Founded in 1996, and with its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, the different services they provide could be the reason why they are trusted by many. The features available to those who use their services include

  • Shows webcam feed of live members

One of the first things that surprise a first-timer on the platform is seeing the live feed of other subscribers. And this is not common with every other dating site. 

  • Secure chatrooms 

There are chatrooms available to meet other people to participate in either group chats or an adult environment where it is okay to spell out all your sexual fantasies. 

  • Learn more about sex 

Using dating sites such as Adult Friend Finder is useful when it comes to learning more about sex. And if you are looking to sharpen your skills in the bedroom, you can start by joining one of the chat rooms. 

  • Send virtual gifts 

If you happen to find someone on the platform that you like, you can send them virtual gifts to let them know you dig them. 

  • Blog and magazine 

The blog and magazine feature allows you to note down your thoughts, and be a part of the magazine community, where there are other members interested in meeting and having sex. 

How About the Membership?

The members of the dating site are mainly adults between the ages of 20 and above. With more than 50% of them aged 25 to 45, which makes it easy to find someone within your age bracket. As with many other dating sites, many of the peeps on Adult Friend Finder are males, but there is also a lot of female profiles available too. So you can be sure that there will be high activity among the members. The majority of members are interested in casual encounters, including swinging with other couples and engaging in other sexual fantasies. 

The truth is that the moment you stumble on the membership area; you can decide quickly if this dating site is for you. It may not be the best place to come searching for a spouse, but this is not to say that it hasn’t happened before, or it is not possible. The reason for this is that many of the members are looking for a casual encounter and usually not looking to get hooked for life. But with over 80 million members on the network, you will agree that finding someone with the same agenda as you may not be impossible. 

How about the Sign-up Procedure?

The sign-up process isn’t at all stressful and can be done in just a few minutes. You also don’t need to provide much information about yourself and can choose any username you deem fit. But as always, you should be careful about the information you provide on a dating site. Your email address will have to be verified, and you will need to provide information about your sexual orientation during the process. 

Creating a profile is also not that of a big deal, and can be done without any help whatsoever. If you’ve ever created a profile for Facebook, or Twitter, then you should be fine doing so on the dating site. Another thing that is quite uncommon with other dating services providers is that couples can create a joint profile where they get to meet with other people for a solo or couple type of affair. But you should know that you will need to have a premium account to be able to see the complete profiles of members. 

How about the Pricing Option? 

As you may already, it will cost you to use a dating service, and you can expect the same from the Adult Friend Finder. While there is a free membership option available, you won’t get the most out of the platform unless you upgrade to premium status. With gold membership, you get full access to the member’s area, which allows you to chat with other members, watch live streams, and send gifts to those you fancy. 

There are three pricing options available to you. There is the option of paying for an entire year at a rate of $20 a month. If you are looking for a short term commitment, you can choose the three months option, which is available for $26.95. While if you want to try it for a month, it will cost you $39.95 to be a premium member. 

What are the Benefits of Using their Services? 

While using a dating service could have its benefits, it can also have its downsides. That is why it is always advisable to try to learn more about using a dating site safely. 

  • You can find many users on the platform. 
  • You get detailed information about the profile, making it easy to find someone with similar interests. 
  • It helps with message ideas to send to other users. 
  • Provides tokens for a more improved experience
  • You get a lot of safety advice on how to use the platform responsibly. 

Any disadvantages of using the Service? 

  • You will need to make a full commitment to the subscription. So if you intend hanging around for a year, you will be required to pay all 12 months subscription once. 
  • Free users don’t get a lot of communication options with other members. 

Final Notes 

I wouldn’t recommend the Adult Friend Finder for anyone looking for a serious relationship. My reason for this is that many of the members are only interested in casual dating. But this is not to say that you would not meet a lot of people there who will share similar views and interests. If what you want is a more sexual encounter with other members, then I think you may find what you are looking for. 


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