A Smile That Shines from Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to smiling, many people hide their teeth. This is partially due to imperfections in their teeth or perhaps overdue dental work they need to get done. I know that I stopped showing my teeth when I smile because I need some dental work done on my front teeth. This has me wondering if anyone has gone to get cosmetic dental work done before? Places like cosmetic dentistry Tampa offer a variety of options for you to get your teeth fixed for a smile that shines.

It’s important to have a smile that shines when you’re working in the influencer business or other jobs that require you to be in the public’s eye. While I’m all about being confident with who you are and what you look like, I’ve seen first hand what a visit to cosmetic dentistry can do to someone’s self-esteem. They feel happier, they smile more, and I’ve seen their mood shift ever so much in a positive direction.

There are a few different types of cosmetic dentistry, and below are the options laid out in simple terms for you to choose from. You’ll be able to meet with a cosmetic dentist to determine which cosmetic dentistry options work well for your situation.

Inlays and Onlays

When your tooth has mild to moderate tooth decay you may opt for inlays and onlays. These are made from a composite resin and molded to fit your teeth. The onlays and inlays are attached using dental cement. You’ll either have these placed over your entire tooth which is what onlays are or you’ll have them placed over the top of your tooth which is inlays.

Composite Bonding

This is done when you have so much decay or decoloring that your dentist will need to drill out the tooth decay. Once all of the tooth decay has been drilled out, they’ll place composite onto your tooth and mold it to look like your original tooth. While you may be able to notice the difference, the average person won’t notice when you smile big and proud.

Dental Veneers

Usually dental veneers are molded from medical-grade ceramic and made for each patient to fit their mouth or tooth structure. Since we’re all different this procedure may take a little longer from start to finish. Your cosmetic dentistry will need to make dental veneers for you specifically and are typically done when you have crooked teeth, decay and so on so that you can smile big and bright.

Teeth Whitening

While you can buy teeth whitening toothpaste, cosmetic dentistry is able to whiten your teeth better than any toothpaste will. Sometimes this is referred to as teeth bleaching where your dentist will clear any plaque and other debris from your teeth and complete the procedure to whiten your natural teeth so that you’re smile is as bright as a nighttime star.


Last on the list of cosmetic dentistry is implants. These are used to replace your teeth after tooth loss. This could be after a dentist has removed decayed teeth that had no other option but to be pulled or just natural tooth loss. The dentist will insert a small screw up into your gums and put implants in so that they stay snug and appear to be similar to your natural teeth.

Whatever option you’re thinking about going with, we’re confident that the information we shared above will help guide you forward in having an important chat with your dentist. We’re not getting any younger and sometimes our teeth just like to age faster. I know mine are not doing so well for a variety of reasons, one thing I learned is that drinking too much coffee can decay your teeth, too!

So cheers to taking care of your teeth and getting those teeth that don’t look so fabulous fixed so you can feel confident with a smile that shines!


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