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All About Andres Institute of Art

If you haven’t visited the Andres Institute of Art, make it a priority to see the large sculpture park found in New England. It’s the perfect place to travel with the family, taking your children on an exploration that will leave them with memories that can last a lifetime.

It’s the perfect place to bring your children when you want them to learn about art while checking out unique sculptures and enjoying family hiking together.

What Is It?

The Andres Institute of Art is a large outdoor sculpture park consisting of dozens of beautiful, breathtaking pieces crafted by creative artists like John Weidman. Paul Andres first founded the park in 1996. It has since become a popular tourist attraction and local treasure in Brookline, New Hampshire. 

The park consists of 10 miles of trails to walk on with the family. It’s an excellent spot for kid friendly hiking. The terrain isn’t too difficult to maneuver, even for beginners. The purpose of the Andres Institute of Art is to bring art into the community. It’s a great spot for art lovers to unite and rejoice over the beauty in the sculptures that each tell a unique story. This is a great option for family hiking. 

Why Do People Love to Visit the Local Spot?

People come from different parts of the country to see the Andres Institute of Art in person for many reasons. It’s a unique park that has so much to offer. These are some of the reasons it’s a local hot spot frequented by residents and visitors of the area:

  • You can check out the artist studio. Many people look forward to the artist studio, where they can see how artists come up with the concepts for their creative and stunning sculptures. It’s a great learning experience for anyone with a deep interest in the arts.
  • You’ll get to spend time exploring outside. While most museums and art institutes take place indoors, this is one that takes place outside. There’s nothing like visiting the Andres Institute of Art on a warm day when the weather is just right. You’ll get to see neat sculptures while traveling together on hiking trails and getting plenty of exercise.
  • It’s free to visit. While donations are gladly accepted and appreciated, accessing the area is free, so you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want to or can’t afford to. If you’re looking for ways to have affordable fun in the area, this is a great place to visit.
  • You’ll see dozens of sculptures. There aren’t just a few sculptures. You’re going to get a chance to see tons of them! You’ll find multiple pieces that stand out to you and keep your attention.

So, if you’re looking for ways to have fun outside while looking at the beautiful artwork and not worrying about spending a lot of money, it makes sense to pay a visit to the Andres Institute of Art. You can bring your children here for a day of learning and fun.

What to Expect During a Visit to the Andres Institute of Art

Are you not sure what to expect upon visiting this popular attraction? Once you get there, you’ll notice how much room is available for everyone to walk around without taking up space or getting in the view of the stunning sculptures. 

  • You can start walking on any trail that you’d like to head out to begin checking out the sculptures. You can take photos of the stunning sculptures in front of you. You might even want to take pictures near these sculptures to save as keepsakes.
  • Each sculpture includes detailed information on the piece. You’ll get to find out the name of the piece, who created it, and when that artist created it. 
  • Viewing the information is a great way to learn more about the sculptures and the artists behind them who brought these pieces to life with their visions. You can receive a map when you arrive at the Andres Institute of Art. 

The map provides you with a list of the different sculptures and where you can find them on the trails. Use the map to get around with your family. The benefits of the arts here at this beautiful attraction are tremendous. You can see and learn so much in such little time.

Our Recent Visit to Andres Institute of Art

Now, I have been to Andres Institute of Art in the past but most recently ventured this way after a trip to Monson Center, NH (more on that another day) with my two sons and their Dad (my other half). We had to park in a different location than I am familiar with, it’s a tarred parking lot that’s behind a building.

Access is free, however, they do have a spot for donations. Here is this sign at the bottom of the trails:

Andres Institute of Art

Our sons were way beyond tired at this point so we didn’t get to venture very far. Thankfully, this place is open most of the summer time and is free, therfore we won’t mind driving this way again to hike up the entire mountain to check out more of the sculptures in the woods futher uphill.

The trail can be a bit difficult for teens who aren’t in the mood to climb uphill, and younger kids may get tired quickly. The path is rather clear so it’s nothing like hiking up a rocky mountain. You will need to hike earlier in the day if your kids, like our teens, get cranky closer to the end of the day.

I know that when the boys were younger we really had to work our hiking around their schedule or routine. Please be sure to pack water so that the family stays hydrated on the way, but if you forget there is a convenience store just up the road from this location!

There are porta-a-potties here for you to use down near the trail map area shown in the above photo. They’re not too bad, but I usually bring along my own toilet paper or napkins when hiking just in case.

Enjoy Family-Friendly Fun With a Trip to the Andres Institute of Art

Get the children out for a day of fun at the Andres Institute of Art. Travel together as a family throughout the park full of unique and stunning sculptures that are sure to grasp your attention and keep you in awe. 

Celebrate the beauty of each piece while enjoying the nice weather. You’ll even get some exercise by walking around on the convenient and easy-to-navigate family hiking trails found on the premises. You won’t be disappointed with the experience you can have with your loved ones.

Where is Andres Institute of Art?

Physical Address of the art sculpture park: 98 Rte 13, Brookline, NH 03033

Hours of Operation: 6am – 7pm Eastern Monday-Sunday {as of June 2021}


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