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All About Thundering Falls Trail

If you’re looking for something to do in Vermont or New England in general that doesn’t put you out of breath, thundering falls Killington also known as thundering falls trail is the perfect idea for you! This trail is so unique and beautiful, as well as perfect for family trips or those that aren’t able to hike most of the really gorgeous trails in Vermont and its surrounding area. Today I’m sharing with you all you need to know about thundering falls trail in Killington Vermont.

All About Thundering Falls Trail

Hiking Vermont Thundering Falls Waterfall


Thundering falls Killington is located in Killington Vermont, a location with lots to see and do for tourists or locals. Killington has many hotels, trails, and more to offer for those visiting for a while. Not only that, but Vermont in general has so many different waterfalls and trails to see as well as many great things to offer to visitors or locals wanting to see something new.

What’s Special about Thundering Falls Trail?

Thundering falls trail is a trail made more accessible and easy for access by anyone, and it’s free to go see. This trail is a boardwalk style walk out to Vermont’s sixth tallest waterfall. During high water times, the waterfall can reach a height of over 100 feet, and it’s tucked away near the Appalachian trail just waiting to be seen. The walk itself is under a mile long, and the view is beautiful in any season.

Hiking Vermont Thundering Falls Waterfall


Again, thundering falls Killington is free to all, so you don’t have to worry about expensive parking or visit fees. Since the trail is carefully maintained, this is accessible for anyone that wants to see the falls. Thundering falls trail is also short overall, so it can be perfect for children. Families can enjoy this trip together or anyone can enjoy the trip on their own. It’s also wheelchair accessible.

The Trail

The trail is about 900 feet of wide and well built boardwalk which leads to a short packed gravel path to the falls. Nearby is part of the Appalachian trail, and during the walk you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery and luscious wilderness. You can often hear the water and the falls before you’ve reached them, and when you’ve seen the sights you can follow the trail and boardwalk back to your vehicle.


As always when hiking or travelling, be sure to pick up after yourself if you bring any snacks or food in with you. Check weather beforehand to ensure the best experience, and dress or pack appropriately. Even though this is a short trail you should still practice the same habits for any hiking trip or time in nature to respect the trail and stay safe.

Overall, thundering falls trail is a really great experience that requires a lot less effort than most trails with sights like these are. It’s accessible for all ages and abilities, and free to see. Not to mention the many other interesting things you could see and do while in the area of Killington or Vermont in general.

Thundering falls Killington is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area or planning a trip, and hopefully this information can help you know what to expect when going.

Thundering Falls Killington Address: 2295 River Rd, Killington, VT 05751

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Hiking Vermont - Thundering Falls Trail


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