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The Best Alternatives to Coffee

It’s true: coffee is an incredibly popular drink that has made its way into the hearts of millions all around the world for years. But some people don’t enjoy it, and that’s okay! If you’ve ever tried coffee before and didn’t like it, or drink the item too much and want to change to something new; there are loads of things you can drink instead of coffee in life. Both caffeinated and not, we’re here today to discuss some of the ways to drink something enjoyable that isn’t coffee. Here are the best alternatives to coffee for your life, no matter your reason not to drink it.

alternatives to coffee


We’ll start out with the obvious choice for those that still want to drink coffee but need something without the jolt of caffeine, whether for health reasons or just personal preference. Decaf coffee offers a similar ability to customize your drink and make it at home or purchase from stores without the added energy or jitters some get from caffeine. 1stInCoffee has some ground espresso without caffeine you can try, which is easy to make at home with any coffee maker.


Another extremely popular beverage that can be enjoyed by both coffee drinkers and those that want to avoid the drink alike is tea! Tea comes in countless forms, from green to regular to herbal varieties. It can be made hot or iced and can be sweetened for those that don’t like the bitter taste regular tea leaves come with using honey, sugar, or other sweet mix-ins. Tea is of cultural importance for many regions as well, so there are a lot of interesting things to learn about it!


This plant happens to be used by some as a means of having coffee-like enjoyment without the same beverage. It can be purchased and steeped just like a coffee can, and the resulting beverage has actually been comparable to coffee in many ways for those that have tried it. Chicory coffee is becoming increasingly popular as more people try to reach for wider drink options or reduce caffeine intake in their lives without losing that habitual need for a drink in the morning, or throughout the day, like coffee.


Really, if it doesn’t matter to you what you drink resembles the original coffee you enjoy; juice can work just as great as coffee in many ways! You don’t have to worry about sugar if that’s a concern for you since many juices are made organic with no added sugar. Coffee may not be the same as juice, but both can offer antioxidants or vitamins that will help your body in many ways. Juice can also be in all kinds of flavors and types depending on what you like!


On the similar topic of tea, matcha has been a quickly popular ingredient used for drinks comparable to coffee. Matcha is similar to green tea and is popular in multiple Eastern cultures. It can be made into hot or cold drinks, and also can be frothed just like some coffees can to give that feeling of indulgence that individuals love from having more fancy means of coffee for beverages. Matcha can be purchased already made into drinks or as a powder to experiment with yourself!

You really don’t have to drink just coffee for energy or for something to enjoy alongside friends that like the beverage. These are just some of the many options out there that can help you to change from coffee to something new or try to find a caffeinated or non-caffeinated drink that works better for your own personal tastes. If you know anybody that doesn’t like coffee, maybe you can suggest some of these ideas to them for some new options to try. Or, you can offer coffee alternatives to anybody you know that already drinks coffee for some fun new trials.


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