Churning stomach, dizziness, dread, racing heartbeat and legs that feel like they will buckle under you, familiar with these feelings? If so, you likely suffer from anxiety and to put it simply, it is an awful condition that nobody should have to go through, however, anxiety sufferers do go through it – even daily sometimes. That is why it is so important to find ways to cope. Listed below are helpful tips you can use next time you are faced with anxiety.

Give yourself some love

Positivity. That is an important word and sadly most people forget about it as they go about their busy lives. It is one thing to be positive toward others and another to feel positive toward yourself (and many anxiety sufferers struggle with this). Spending time doing things that bring you joy, and reading some positive quotes can help boost your mood and lessen anxiety.“Do what makes you happy, be with those who make you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live” Richard Spanton Jr

Overcome bewilderment

Confusion can make an anxiety attack ten times worse for the sufferer. By not understanding how adrenaline can affect your body, it paves the way for unnecessary worry and therefore more anxiety. An example of this is when the heart starts racing in an anxious situation – the sufferer may panic and think there is something wrong with their heart when in reality adrenaline is to blame, not a faulty organ.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take the time to understand the many ways adrenaline affects the body. Knowing what is causing these strange bodily reactions can take that extra worry out of the equation.

Learn to accept

Acceptance can sometimes be the most effective way to deal with anxiety. Of course, acceptance doesn’t mean you have to invalidate your feelings, it merely means you try and loosen up and to let whatever feelings may arise come. Often, anxiety is increased because the sufferer adds to the fear they were already feeling. Accepting the initial feeling of anxiety when it comes helps prevent fuelling that second fear and keeping you in a cycle of adding unnecessary anxiety. This copying method was originally proposed by Dr Claire Weekes, so we highly recommend you learn more if you are interested.

Don’t be afraid to say no

At times, the situation that triggers your anxiety can be avoided if you just say no. If you know speaking in public is a trigger for you, opt-out of leading your company’s monthly meeting. There is no harm in saying no in certain circumstances and people will understand. However, the key thing to note here is that saying no should not become a habit. Regularly sheltering yourself to avoid anxiety triggers is not healthy – and that can lead to agoraphobia (which is a phobia of leaving home).

A final word from us

Although there are many self-help methods you can use to treat your anxiety, please do not hesitate or feel ashamed to seek professional help if your anxiety is particularly severe.

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