The Most Creative Subscription Boxes for Anyone

Whether you’re looking to spend date night at home, celebrate a girl’s night in, or just one a mystery box I’m confident that the most creative subscription boxes for women featured here today will provide you with some unique to enjoy at home. With more and more people looking for ways to spend less money […]

Online Games Help me Decompress

After a long week of trying to juggle the freelance writing biz, multiple blog sites, blog flipping sites, and other duties I have as an entrepreneur, mother, and wife I enjoy doing things that take my mind off the responsibilities of adulthood. These things usually involve playing games. I recently downloaded a chess app, and […]

Christmas Lights Make People Happy 

Christmas lights might seem like a common decoration, but new research suggests that they can provide psychological benefits to people after experiencing stressful events. The study was led by Rebecca Dyer from Pacific University in Oregon. The research included 128 college students who had been asked to give a presentation before a group of strangers […]