Back to School Tips for Homeschoolers

As we head into year three of homeschooling, we’re starting to realize just how little we need in terms of essential supplies. It’s mostly because I already bought a $1 planner for each of the boys for their 8th and 10th grade years.

I have an abundant supply of Post-Its from when I ran Happily Blended and they sent me TONS to share on my site. I have the middle school bigs for various subjects, click here to see that set of amazing easy to educate homeschoolers books.

I do realize some newbies are hitting the road running this year as new homeschoolers right here in the Granite State and other areas of the USA. That’s why I wanted to share a list of some of back to school essential (and fun) supplies for kids everywhere.

These tips and items will help you survive this year of school, especially if you’re homeschooling!

Be respectful

It doesn’t matter if they’re your little brother or your high school freshman, showing kindness and respect to everyone makes a huge difference.

When you treat your family with kindness it shows them how to be respectful in return. And that’s what we need- homeschoolers who care about others and teach the world how to do the same!

Protect yourself from illness

Don’t risk getting sick during the first month of school, keep your hands clean and your body healthy.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice).

Avoid touching other people’s faces especially when you are feeling bad or if you’ve gotten sick recently.

Try to avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Keep yourself healthy and happy: eat good food and get enough rest. Get outside every day and be active by walking, biking, or playing.

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Take care of your teeth

Brush twice a day with non-fluoride toothpaste and floss once a day. And visit your dentist regularly- at least twice a year.

Be healthy in every way possible: eat well, play outside, get enough sleep and see your dentist twice a year.

Keep your family healthy

If you’re going to be in the house together all day long, make sure everybody is healthy and feeling good. Wash hands frequently and get plenty of rest so you can stay focused on school. Also, make sure you have an ample supply of healthy beverages for the parents and kids.

I know homeschooling is a lot of work! Some families, like ours, are more using the unschooling approach but still, we need nutrients. That’s why I’m excited to feature a brand that we received and our middle son just loves.

Visit to learn more!

Stock up on KÖE Kombucha


Stock up on KÖE Kombucha

We received a gift set of flavors from KÖE Kombucha and found that our 15-year-old son is in love with the flavors. The fruit-forward, USDA Organic and packed with probiotics drink – makes a healthier soda swap option to take on any Summer adventure, whether it be a beach trip, shopping excursion, or short hike. KÖE was created for non-kombucha drinkers – people seeking a delicious, functional, sparkling beverage without the vinegary taste. Formulated with just 9g sugar and 35 calories in a can, KÖE is shelf stable to take on-the-go.

My feedback on this is that the mango is my favorite, but the lemon lime is refreshing, too! We felt the lemon lime tasted more like lime and the raspberry dragon fruit, well I wish there was just a dragon fruit KÖE Kombucha flavor as that’s my all-time favorite fruit taste for beverages. All in all, this is a fabulous way to sneak out the side or juice and give your kids a delicious after-school or homeschooling beverage to enjoy during their busy back to school months!

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Take care of yourself

Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, exercise and find time to relax. It’s just as important for you are your kids that you stay alive and well!

Keep everyone in sync with a calendar

Make one if you don’t have one already. There are many free ones online or you can make one with a picture of your family.

Every day is different and will not always follow the same routine, but knowing what to expect can reduce anxiety for everyone.

Make sure you don’t miss anything important by checking your calendar often.

Don’t forget to Shop Cricut for some arts and craft supplies, too!

Keep everyone on track with a planner or ‘To Do’ list

Organize tasks by priority to keep the day manageable.

It’s much easier to do two or three easy things instead of one impossible task.

KÖE Kombucha

Don’t forget to have fun!

Find time every day or week to play with your kids or go on a hike together. There are many great homeschooling apps that have educational games for kids, try searching the app store for homeschooling games.

Remember to enjoy your journey despite any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

Homeschoolers should be resilient, resourceful, and willing to go with the flow while remaining flexible.

As homeschoolers, it’s important to remain positive in our approach to learning because we are showing our kids how to make the most out of life.

Homeschool supplies for beginners

Whether you’re homeschooling or heading back to a traditional school setting, here are the items you just must get your hands on now:

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