Benefits of Bringing in a Speaking and Consulting Professional

There are many different aspects to running a business. Today I’m going to discuss the benefits of bringing a speaker to your business event. Hiring someone who’s fluent in their area of expertise to speak to your colleagues is a wonderful way to increase knowledge and gain influential contacts.

Benefits of Bringing in a Speaking and Consulting Professional

Thoughtful planning is an integral part of planning your next business event. Hiring someone like Pedram Zohrevand to speak at your event can add a huge layer of benefit. This person is a professional in his field and will be able to speak on his knowledge of materials and techniques that can help with modern designs and such.

Whether you hire this man or another speaking and consulting professionals, the benefits remain the same. Below you’ll find a list of benefits of bringing in a business speaker for your next event.


Bringing in someone that will be speaking on the area of business you’re featuring at your event will help provide inspiration. As your employees and you listen to the speaker and consultant, you’ll find that you learn new ideas and methods in which you can run your business.


Having a speaker at your next business event is an easier way to provide training to your employees. During an event, your employees will be able to socialize with each other and the speaker gaining insightful knowledge for new ways to handle their particular role in business.

New Ideas

Even if you’re the most successful business person in the world, it’s always nice to have some new ideas flowing. Being open to having someone who can speak and consult in your business arena will help you develop new ideas to boost your revenue and make your business more organized.

Increased Connections

Speaking at a business event can increase the connections between your business and employees. Hiring someone who specializes in public speaking and consulting is a fabulous way to earn more credibility in your business field all the while opening the door to increased connections for success.

What does a guest speaker do?

A guest speaker will do a variety of things, depending on what you hired this consultant to speak about and do. There are a few general rules of thumb ideas that a guest speaker will abide by though:

  • Share an outside perspective
  • Give Support
  • Provide Entertainment
  • Speak knowledgeably on the topic
  • Provide motivation

Often times a guest speaker will take time to answer questions from the audience and engage in a healthy conversation with everyone at your business event. While this may cost a little extra, it’s often well worth the investment for your business growth.

Listening to a speaker and consultant who’s experienced in his area of business will provide a huge amount of inspiration and motivation for your workers. This is a fabulous way to give a more personal approach to business training. Employees who feel that they’re a part of new business ideas tend to work harder for the business as they feel more valued.

How long should a guest speaker talk?

When speaking and consulting your guest speaker will probably talk an average of one hour to an hour and a half. This is a common length of time that works to provide all of the benefits I listed above for hiring a guest speaker for your business event.

What is a good way to end a presentation?

If you’re wondering how your speaking and consulting professional will end their presentation, it’s really all a matter of how they flow best. Often a guest speaker will end their presentation with a question and answer session. Allowing your business associates and employees to ask questions and receive answers. Other times your speaking and consulting professional will simply end with a rhetorical question and move off stage to head off to their next business speaking and consulting event.

Always discuss how the speaker will handle your event so that you can prepare for the act of bringing in speaking and consulting professional to attend your business event. You’ll want to prepare your associates and employees to ask questions and engage with the speaker if they’re going to offer that option at the end of the presentation.


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