Reading For All Ages

4 Benefits of Reading For All Ages

Reading is a hobby that many of us lose track of as we age, with the burden of adulthood and many more responsibilities seeming to take up all of our time. But this habit is a truly beneficial one for any age, and it can be particularly great for families to be able to reconnect and benefit each member. How could this be? And how can you turn to read if you haven’t in a long time? Let’s talk about 4 of the benefits of reading for all ages, as well as some great options from CrateJoy that can help you and your family reconnect with the wonder of reading at any age.

Reading For All Ages

1. Improved Vocabulary

You probably have heard this for young children, but even adults can benefit from improvements in vocabulary and mental processing when spending more time reading. We often get so wrapped up in habits that we forget to use more wide range of words to describe what we’re thinking or pick up new words and ideas from the books we read in life. Reading will give any age better abilities in vocab or communication.

Speaking of young kids, CrateJoy has a multitude of options available for single boxes or subscription boxes that provide unique kids’ books for your child to enjoy. If you want to spend less, Murphy’s Bulk Books sells boxes of lightly used children’s picks to keep it easy on your budget while giving your kids new books to read. Or you can look into subscription options like Kids Storybag, which has all different choices for a number of boxes as well as the type of books starting at $12.50 a month.

2. Learn Something New

We often forget that nonfiction books exist too. Learning something new can help you feel like you’re using your time to read for a purpose, and it can help your life too. Pick a book on a topic you need to improve on or want to learn about and start reading! For little ones, even fiction can teach a lot about how the world works and concepts that are new to children’s minds.

To read in a way that teaches you new things can be a great way to pass the time. Maybe if you’re not quite entertained by most nonfiction topics, try something that lets you escape into a world of mystery! This Crime, Thriller, and Mystery box from CrateJoy offers you 4 surprise books based on this genre as a single purchase or subscription, and it can be great for readers that want to try a new type of reading without going so far as to read nonfiction books all day.

3. Entertaining and Stress Reducing

Feeling bored can make you feel worse about your day or have trouble starting something new or getting back to your routine. Picking up a book for entertainment can help kick boredom and allow your mind to transport into your reading, and you can fully choose what you read about based on your genre! Not to mention, taking time to read can help distract you from your daily worries and stressors in life.

One of the best reading types for teens and adults to find entertainment is Young Adult or YA novels. This is also the most frequently updated type of novel, with many new releases each month. That’s why CrateJoy offers boxes like Young Adult Book Monthly, which sends you a new release YA novel each month starting at $14.99 a box. These novels can be for any age and have unique themes that can keep you wrapped up in books for hours.

4. Teaches Self Care

Recognizing you need to spend some time with yourself is a skill many people need to know better. Teaching yourself and your children to prioritize when you need a break to read and be alone is an act of self-care that can carry into many other parts of your life and future. You can better recognize when you need to de-stress, what topics and hobbies fuel you, and much more through the small act of reading.

Now that you have some ideas for where to start looking and why looking into some more books again will benefit yourself or your little ones in the future, you can shop CrateJoy for a monthly option that can keep reminding you of your reading goal! A monthly subscription through CrateJoy can help you reconnect with reading in a fun and interactive format that lets you collect new reads each month, and you can get subscriptions for all reading levels and genres! You can even get free shipping on your first box in a 6 or 12-month subscription with code 1STBOXFREE through 5/31.


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