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I’ve started using WooCommerce for a few different shops here online. Part of my aim in 2020 is to streamline some of my income so that I’m not dealing with high blood pressure. The issue with having high blood pressure is that any added stress can cause your little heart rate to increase badly and your blood pressure to go into danger zone!

That’s where I’m at today.

My blood pressure has crept back up to the same levels it was at in June 2019 when I ended up in the ER. We’ve done all of the tests they could think of, including a brain MRI and yet here I am with high blood pressure and at risk for stroke regularly.

It’s frustring!

With all that being said, I’m obviously going to look into checking levels like vitamin levels or magnesium levels and adjust my diet to be more aligned with the DAHS diet, but for now, I can control one thing …

The stress related to making money online!

That’s why I’ve fallen in love with WooCommerce.

You see, this free plugin allows me to sell content as instant downloads to customers, mainly bloggers and brands, without having to send a manual invoice, wait for payment, and then track down payment to email an article directly!


Now it’s all automated.

With the exception of me having to manually upload new content and PLR articles into my site, it’s mostly hands-off.

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Thus, reducing stress!

Anyhoo, I wanted to share some of the amazing benefits of using WooCommerce to make money blogging. This little plugin has helped me increase revenue with a more “hands-off” approach, which reduces stress and encourages confidence in your skill of writing!

I hope that you’ll take a moment and enjoy my list of the amazing benefits of using this free WordPress plugin so that you can start feeling a reduction in stress and anxiety about making money online!

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress users that makes selling items through your website or blog much more streamlined and easy. It can be a great option for beginners due to how well it works, and it can even be refreshing for more experienced bloggers too. If you’re curious about how this plugin could benefit you or be used well, you’re in the right place …

Benefits of Using WooCommerce to Make Money Blogging

It’s Free

The first and arguably biggest positive aspect to WooCommerce is it’s price tag: the plugin is free! This is so important for those on a budget or just wanting to experiment with the world of eCommerce. You don’t have to spend money on this plugin and it still works well.


If WooCommerce on its own doesn’t work the best for your needs, the plugin is able to be extended upon in resources or characteristics with other WordPress plugins. There are also many different applications made specifically for improving and expanding WooCommerce.


Analytics can be pretty complicated to figure out on your own, and annoying to have to have many plugins to figure that out with. However, WooCommerce has a very comprehensive amount of analytics that comes with it and it’s also easy to add to that if you need to. This can help a lot with understanding your audience and customers.


WooCommerce is easy to make your own and custom with different options you can alter and themes. There are ways to make this plugin easier on yourself with these options, and plenty of free themes that you can switch between without needing to do a lot of alterations or pauses.

Payment Options

Unlike most pre made plugins for eCommerce, WooCommerce has so many payment gateway options for billing that can make it easier for more people to be able to pay you. This can help with improving how many people actually purchase your products through your website directly.

This plugin for WordPress sites can be really beneficial for anyone that wants or needs to sell something through their website, and there are plenty of reasons on top of the ones you’ve just read that prove that. Hopefully, this can give you some information if you’re curious about WooCommerce or already have it and wondered how the plugin could really help.

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