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Why Bloggers Should Have Clickable Images

Why Bloggers Should Have Clickable Images

There are so many benefits of why bloggers should have clickable images within their blog post. I wanted to break down all the benefits of making your links clickable. Some might call it hyperlinking but whatever you call it, I am talking about adding a link so when people click on your image it takes them another blog post or another website. Continue reading to learn all of the reasons why this should be done in every blog post that has pictures.

Why Bloggers Should Have Clickable Images

Top 3 Reason Bloggers Should Have Clickable Images


When you add a link to your image and a reader clicks on it, and it takes them to another post on your site, that is considered a forward link. It is great for SEO as well as getting people to stay on your site longer, which decreases your bounce rate. Google likes to see a good bounce rate, the lower the better, but watch out – you don’t want a super low bounce rate, either. If you are a blogger then you know mastering SEO takes time but any small adjustment in a blog post helps.

Page Views

Consider clickable images as a great way to get more page views. It allows the readers to bounce around and see even more of your content. Another great way to add a way to use clickable images is by adding the “related articles” tab at the bottom of your post. This includes an image or two of other articles you have written that are similar or go together. You would then link those images to a related blog post, which keeps readers on your blog longer.


You can also monetize your blog with clickable images that take you to a shop or store where your readers can make a purchase. When you use your special affiliate code, you can earn commission from the sales. Sometimes having a call to action image with a clickable link is all it takes for a reader to click and buy. Text links may work well but clickable images with a nice call to action text included, truly entice readers to click over and check it out.

Affiliate links:

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3 Important Tips with Clickable Images


Make sure you have rights to use the images you’re using in your blog post for clickable images. Don’t just hop on Google and search an image that fits and use it. Use free sites for stock images or use a stock image site to buy your images if you don’t want to take and use your own images.


If you are linking to something that uses an affiliate link, you need to disclose it is an affiliate link. That is just the rules to affiliate disclosing you can’t skip over. Read over your affiliate program’s terms of service for their rules surrounding best disclosure practices.

Alt Tag

Also, add an alt tag and alt description for every image you upload and insert into a blog post. This tells the search engine robots how to properly index your image and blog post, which increases your chances to show up in the proper search results.

Using clickable images within your blog posts is a fabulous way to gain more affiliate commissions, more internal links and a chance to keep readers engaged with more content that you offer on site.

If you’re looking for more information about clickable images, then click here to read my tutorial on how to use Canva to create a clickable image collage in PDF format .



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22 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Should Have Clickable Images”

    1. Yes! I am guilty of being an “image clicker” ha! Thank you for your comment.

  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I always make sure the images in my blog post is clickable! It enables my readers to easily pin and share. It also ensures that they keep coming back to my site.

    1. You are so smart to do that! I need to be better about images on my blogs 🙂

  2. These are such great tips. I don’t think I have clickable images on my site and need to change that asap!

    1. It is a tedious process to go back and change them, but well worth it. Good luck!

  3. I have dabbled very lightly in affiliates. I always say I’m going to up my game but I haven’t done so yet. le sigh

    1. My friend, my dear friend – I get this feeling. Every “New Year” I tell myself I am going to up my game with affiliates. I even created a spreadsheet with my affiliate info and here I sit, not focused on affiliate marketing enough. Someday we will follow through steadily 😉 Keep on being you. HUGS!

  4. This is packed full of great insights and helpful tips. I let my wife tweak my site. It’s easier that way

    1. I love that you and your wife blog. I think it’s awesome following along with you both 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  5. I use the FMTC disclosure plugin so it’s right at the top of every single post. Feel like that’s fair. I like the idea of going back and making sure I haven’t missed any pictures/links.

    1. I had not heard of that plugin before, I am going to have to check it out. Learned something new today from you, thank you 🙂

  6. This is a great reminder! I try to put clickable images in wherever I can but sometimes I forget!

  7. Drives me nuts when people dont have clickable images. Thank you fo rhtis post! Sharing!

  8. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Okay. Excuse me while I go edit my posts for this week and add links to all the photos LOL This is a great idea – thank you!

    1. Hahaha! Right?! I will just go drink a pot of coffee and go through all of my old posts to update them. I need to do it though, I am bad about clickable images. Hopefully this post will inspire us all to make sure we try to have more clickable images in our blog posts.

  9. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I am frequently surprised by how many bloggers I see disclosing incorrectly or not at all. This isn’t a new topic. Some try to bury it too, I prefer to get it right out in the open so the readers will respect the honesty instead of hiding it like there’s something wrong.

      1. Yes, it’s so hard. I sometimes forget to note affiliate links because I have the site-wide disclosure. I actually am working on going back to edit posts to note it so it’s more obvious 🙂

  10. Disclosure is so important. I know a few bloggers who got into a bit of trouble for not disclosing affiliate links properly.

    1. Yes, the affiliate platforms are cracking down on it and so is the FTC so that more bloggers disclose. I think it’s important to be authentic.

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