If you’re out there in the world being isolated at home and have a state that’s on lockdown, then consider doing some fun updates for your blog. I’m excited to share a program that’s by far The Easiest Way To Create Social Posts, Stories & Ads.

I love this program, it’s easy to use and it’s a fun way to get more traffic to your blog. The only tip I do want to share is to be careful what you use for music in the program, I did get a Copyright thing on YouTube for one of the videos I made due to the music that was used.

Sample of Blog Post Turned Video with Lumen5

The above video was created using Lumen5 – Media For Every moment and it took me all but maybe 15 minutes to create? It’s based on this blog post 5 Things to Never Say to a Work at Home Pro.

Take a peek at my tutorial about how to use this program so that you can see how simple it is to start converting your blog posts into videos.

Now, if you have your blog URL attached to your YouTube channel then you can add an outbound link to the blog post that you turned into a video for viewers to click and read more about whatever you happen to feature your Lumen5 video about.

Increase Your Revenue Blog During Isolation

Even if your state hasn’t gone to complete lockdown, many of us have already been putting ourselves in isolation if we can or feel it’s necessary. Others have had to go to work, regardless of what’s going on, and others are taking advantage of being home or have to due to daycares closing.

This means, many of us are home and need to find a way to increase our revenue with our websites and social media platforms. I highly suggest you peek at this program, join for free and upgrade if you want the additional features.

I am an affiliate with this program, but I was using it long before I even became an affiliate because I simply love how easy this is to transform blog posts into a video to get that extra revenue one can earn with video posts.

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