Why Bloggers Should Have Clickable Images

Why Bloggers Should Have Clickable Images

There are so many benefits of why bloggers should have clickable images within their blog post. I wanted to break down all the benefits of making your links clickable. Some might call it hyperlinking but whatever you call it, I am talking about adding a link so when people click on your image it takes […]

Do you need a break from the daily grind of working at home? Find the signs that you need a break and advice on how to take a break from the daily grind of work at home.

How to Tell if you Need a Break from the Daily Grind of Working at Home

Working at home can be a huge blessing in many ways, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need a break from the daily grind of working at home. Just like working in an office, work is work, and that means you can and will get burned out from time to time again. I will help […]

As long as you persevere and keep on bloggin’ with the right focus and a little bit of luck, yours will be the blog that everyone is talking about.

Gaining the Expertise to Rule Your Blogosphere

  You may know a lot, but everyone can always know more. If you are starting to get serious about this whole blogging thing, you want to ensure that you are writing and posting things that are worth reading, instead of regurgitating what you have already heard and hoping for the best. But how do […]

Let's chat about what is wrong with screen captures, why you can't always trust them and how others manipulate them for fun or deceit.

Why You Can’t Trust Screen Captures

As a blogger and virtual assistant who has worked from home since 2006 in various positions such as data entry, product uploads to an e-commerce site, blogging for myself and clients, social media management, chore threads and other tasks, I know all too well that screen captures aren’t a 100% form of reliability. I am […]