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Building a Business Model from Passion

There are so many ways to build a successful empire or business, whatever you desire to call it. For me? The best business model has always been following what feels right. Following my passion is something that I try to do regularly.

Obviously, I am a mom so this has been a little tricky in some seasons. What may bring me passion may not be suitable during this season in life, but I do my best. With that being said, if you’re someone who thrives to live and build something from passion, then continue reading to learn more about my latest passion project which also helps content marketers do their job in less time.

Yup, it’s true! I launched this CopyCrafters PLR Club recently to help content creators, bloggers, social media influencers, businesses, and brands get more content with a super low price tag.

Why? Well, I advanced my freelance writing business to a different level. Starting off by providing content and valuable feedback to bloggers, my first-ever community of friends & support (THANK YOU), I branched out using SEO content methods to start ghostwriting for brands.

The business model works for me, but I was missing that part of helping bloggers and everyday influencers have more time in their day.

Thus, the CopyCrafters PLR Club was born. It was merely a thought in the shower one day, that grew into something I knew I could use to help ANYONE who needed fresh content, have it! I work with my first-born and third-born children to market and develop the best content delivered via email.

Why did I choose email instead of a content shop?

I’ve done the content shop thing for years, it’s great and has been relatively successful, but I wanted more consistency. I wanted to know that I was providing value to a select group of people who wanted a lower price stage on a monthly or regular delivery term.

So, I thought, why not use ConvertKit? I saw the potential with this platform that I switched over to use for newsletters and figured it would be a great idea to deliver content to YOUR INBOX every month rather than building another platform to have you try to remember the URL, the LOGIN Details (OMG I forget my login details ALL of the time).

I wanted this to be SIMPLE, and provide non-exclusive content that you can morph into your own voice, or cut up into tiny pieces to share as snippets out there on social media.

Think about it, you get 30 articles delivered to your inbox from my team EVERY single month of the year (along with some tips & tricks on content marketing), that you can dissect into thousands of days’ worth of content for social media.

How is that even a thing at the price tag I am offering it at?

Well, I wanted it to be reasonably priced so that ALL budgets could take advantage of this club. That’s not to say the price won’t increase in the future, but if you get in now? And stay subscribed? You won’t have to worry about those price increases in the future. You will be grandfathered into the founding members’ pricing.

Yay, right?

So, if you’re like me and you want to build an empire that is based on YOUR PASSION and content can help you do that? Well, get on in and check out my CopyCrafters PLR Club.

And if non-exclusive PLR content is not your thing? Get on my list to be notified when I launched my next exclusive content venture 😉 Much love. Be well. Keep shining bright.


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