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Building a Snowman out of Plywood

Are you looking for a fun winter-themed activity to do with the family? There are many winter activities you can do with the family. If you live in an area with snow, you can go sliding or have a backyard snowball fight. If you live in an area without snow, there are other things you can do, such as enjoy festive decor options like this plywood snowman. Even though you may not have snow, you can still find pleasure in building a snowman. I am going to revisit an old blog post, that showcases how we built a plywood snowman. Here’s how you can build your own snowman out of plywood:

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Since this was such a great time for our family last Winter, we wanted to write a little how to post so that you can ask your kids the same question, “Do you want to build a snowman?” and have a little method to go about building life sized snowman …

How to Build a Plywood Snowman

Supplies –

  • Plywood – one sheet per snowman
  • Tape Measure – to measure out the proper dimensions of the snowman to fit on the wood.
  • Pencil & Paper – for the drawing design of each plywood snowman
  • Saw – you need some sort of saw to cut after penciling the design on the plywood.
  • Spray Paint – for the snowman in white and other colors based on what the fam wants.
  • Acrylic Paint & Paint Brushes – for use by children to decorate/draw on their snowman.
  • Sheet – use when spray-painting the snowmen white, so it doesn’t get on important stuff.
  • Car Tire – to use for the snowman body, helps keep it proportionate.
  • Review photo collages I shared to see what other supplies you may need.

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Brandy Ellen Blogs How to Build a Plywood Snowman

Let’s Build a Plywood Snowman

  • Have your children design their snowman, remind them of what you can and cannot cut out and to keep the design as simple as possible.
  • Once the design is completed, use a pencil and tape measure along with a tire to help ensure you get the snowman’s basic outline drawn in proportion on the piece of plywood.
  • Get your kid’s approval on final draft up and start sawing away to cut out the snowman template.
  • Once cut, you may place the snowman cutout in front of a sheet and spray paint it white, then let each snowman cutout dry.
  • Once each snowman has been cut out, spray-painted and then dried … let the kids have a ball writing and decorating each of their snowman with acrylic paint and sharpie markers!
  • Set them out on display in your front yard!

Brandy Ellen Blogs How to Build a Plywood Snowman

Remember that plywood won’t hold up in the rain and snow. The best place for these life save plywood snowman would be on your front porch, undercover so that guests can enjoy them but the elements won’t destroy them. Building a plywood snowman is a great family activity because it helps you all work together and lets you take a break from the hectic lifestyle of being an adult.

Brandy Ellen Blogs How to Build a Plywood Snowman

Do you think you are going to try to build a plywood snowman this year?



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12 thoughts on “Building a Snowman out of Plywood”

  1. Nino @www.RainyDaySunnyPlay.com

    DIY building projects with kids are such a valuable experience. Do you let them cut it, too?

  2. This is such a great idea for winter, and fun for all the family! I’m rubbish with power tools but I’m sure my husband could Give this a go 🙂

  3. This is a fun activity with with kids! They would love this! I love fun DiY Projects. Thanks for sharing

  4. How cute! My kids would love something like this. Decorate our yard with cute little Christmas/Winter items out of plywood. Never really thought about it but its a great idea and family project!

  5. This would be the only snowman we’d be able to have over here in Australia!! Our Christmas is stinking hot haha. So I love this idea for a decoration

  6. Cara @ Street Smart Nutrition

    This looks like a really fun project for the whole family! And they’ll last much longer than an actual snowman 🙂

  7. Such an original and cute idea for this time of year! Very crafty, definitely will send this to my mom!

  8. We are nott big on decorations but this looks like a lot of fun. We do get snow here every winter so we will probably try to make the real thing when it comes.

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