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Benefits of Crafting for Busy Moms

Crafting for Busy Moms

Taking care of kids can be a lot. You have to keep track of so many things at once while also trying to make time for yourself in the middle of it all. Some moms skip out on this, which leads to huge deficits in mental and physical well-being. Taking time for yourself is necessary, and it can be really fun too! Were you a creative person before having kids? Get back to it! Crafting can be a lovely way to spend any free time, big or small, making something new. But what can it do for you? Here are some benefits of crafting for busy moms as well as some ideas to get you started.

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Self Care

Any time you spend bettering yourself is a great practice of self care and growth. Self care through crafts can be making yourself items for care like bath bombs or soaps, or it can be giving yourself the time alone to do crafts. Either way, you can find ways to give yourself some love and pampering by getting creative with crafts. Feeling proud of your accomplishments and crafting will also boost your self-esteem and mental health.

Functional Use

Crafts aren’t just some random whimsical item you don’t need all the time, they can be useful! You can make organizers, labels for your life, customized things for you and your kids, and so much else. If you want to get into functional crafts without a bunch of hassle, consider something like Cricut Joy which has a label-making bundle especially for making fun and unique labels around the house.

Easy to Start

You don’t have to be an expert at anything to start a hobby like crafting. Plenty of tutorials online help and there are bundles everywhere for starting off with a type of craft or a crafting tool. Take Cricut as an example. For a beginner, you can purchase a Cricut Maker and accompanying essentials as a complete package in this bundle. Then you can explore the world of Cricut making via videos or online tutorials.

Involve Others

Moms out there that need some time outside of the house with friends or family can get into crafting or art groups locally for some new interactions, or just spend some time involving your friends and family at your house or theirs making some crafts that interest you. If you get bored of making things alone, you can try easier-level crafts and get your kiddos involved sometimes as bonding activities!

Side Hustle

If you get involved with crafting enough and like it, maybe you can even turn it into a side hustle! Making custom jewelry, self care things, clothing, and more can all sell well online or locally during craft fairs. Cricut has the perfect bundle with its Cricut EasyPress and essentials for pressing clothing designs easy at home for yourself, a side hustle, or your kids!

Time Management

Busy living is way too common for parents, especially if you also work while being a mom. Taking time for yourself is not only necessary for your well being but it can also help teach you some skills on how to manage your time to fit this important self care need. Once you’re working on one aspect of scheduling your time, it can be much easier to feel confident scheduling the time you spend on everything else.

Even if you’ve never touched anything arts and crafts before in your life, or at least since being a kid in school, it can be a fantastic new experience that leads to inspiration, creativity, and other benefits like we’ve discussed. And you can use some of the ideas from Cricut listed during your reading as a way to get into making things on your own in an easy format that gives you some of what you need right away. No matter how you get crafty, it can help you a lot in life while dealing with little ones all the time. Best of luck!


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