Online Games Help me Decompress

After a long week of trying to juggle the freelance writing biz, multiple blog sites, blog flipping sites, and other duties I have as an entrepreneur, mother, and wife I enjoy doing things that take my mind off the responsibilities of adulthood. These things usually involve playing games. I recently downloaded a chess app, and […]

Learn how to use the power of positive thinking through hard times.

The Power of Thinking Positive Through Tough Times

It’s extremely easy to use the power of thinking positive when times are going well. You just landed that awesome job or your children made high honor roll. There are times when the power of thinking positive simply comes naturally and you reap the rewards of positive thinking. Then there are times like today, where […]

3 Elements Of Positive Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

The use of solid affirmations has taken center stage in our lives. In all its modernity, people are seeking personal growth, content and self-development. And reciting positive affirmations is the easiest way to achieve all this. In fact, it’s not all biblical, but there’s a lot of scientific backing for the effectiveness of positive affirmations. […]

All About Different Types of Meditation

Meditation is a method of training to enhance one’s concentration and perception and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally relaxed, and stable state through the use of a strategy such as mindfulness or concentrating the mind on a specific object, thinking, or behavior. Thousands of years have passed since meditation was first practiced in cultures […]