Looking for the Perfect Partner in Life: Reasons Your Financial Belief Systems Should Match Closely

How to make sure your financial beliefs match to have a successful relationship.

One of the biggest reasons why a marriage ends up in divorce is down to major conflicts about the marital finances, which prompts the question whether you should do your matchmaking with more of on an emphasis on financial compatibility? Love is always the defining factor of course, but laying your cards on the table […]

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Stop Fighting Over Finances: Ways to Keep Money From Ruining Your Relationship

Brandy Ellen Writes Time Heals All Wounds

It’s totally normal for couples to argue but, if you’re in a relationship, you probably argue with your other half more often than you think. It is estimated couples bicker and argue a huge 2,455 times a year and, whilst arguing sometimes is totally normal in a healthy relationship, big arguments can be detrimental. One […]

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Modest Savings, Big Plans: How to Plot a Brighter Future Together

Many young couples find themselves in a situation where they have good jobs and bring in a reasonable income. They’ll spend time together creating plans to buy a home, get married, pay off student loans, have a couple of kids, see all the travel hotspot destinations, and save for retirement. Unfortunately, many of those same […]

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With This Ring: How to Start Married Life on the Right Financial Footing

How to Start Married Life on the Right Financial Footing

Being a newlywed is an exciting time, so it’s understandable that many couples put off discussions about credit card balances, student loan debt, and division of household expenses until after the honeymoon. While discussing finances before saying “I do” may not seem very romantic, doing so is one of the best ways to avoid financial […]

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