Why I Decided Not To …

Listen, I had a pretty public relationship. Every waking moment of the positive moments were shared on social media and my blog. From traveling to behind the scenes and everything in between, my previous relationship was and had to be public. I would literally get in “trouble” for sharing too much about my kids, you […]

Divide and Divorce How to Handle Assets (1)

Divide and Divorce: Do You Know What to Do When There Are Considerable Assets Involved?

Divorce is currently not a surprising thing to happen to married couples. You could be feeling the need to end your marriage with your spouse after being together for some time. This may be due to constant family fights or lifestyle issues. This process of separation could become complicated more so if there are considerable […]

Spying is Domestic Abuse in Many Cases

There are many situations that fall under Domestic Abuse. I personally knew that emotional and physical abuse were part of the Domestic Abuse statute. Most human beings know the basic level of an abusive relationship. It’s those obvious things you see in the movies and hear about from your friends. We’ve all had at least […]