Tired Of The Daily Grind? Try Something Else And Travel The World

(Image Source) Ghana is one of the most developed countries in Africa. But, like most of the continent, it has it’s share of difficulties. The country itself has a well-established government and doesn’t suffer from much internal violence. But, it’s still a very poor country. Most of its settlements are remote and small, with only […]

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Fine Dining at Roots – The Restaurant in Rutland, Vermont @rootsrutland

Set a reservation at Roots - The Restaurant vermont to enjoy fine dining tonight. Great atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food!

While traveling along on our regular kid-free weekend road trip, Mike and I started to get hungry. I was driving this particular weekend since Mike is still no weight bearing on his ankle. That’s another story for another day, anyways … We were traveling along the roads in Vermont and our tummies started to grumble. […]

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