Celebrities With Pugs

Celebrities With Pugs

I love our pug, and so many celebrities are fans of the pug breed of dog. Pugs are very gentle, a perfect lap dog and even a protector for you and your family. If you own a pug and are curious about some celebrities who might love them as well, you will enjoy this list below! The pug breed over the past few years has really picked up. So many actresses, actors, and musicians have really fallen in love with this fun-loving breed.

Celebrities With Pugs

Celebrities With Pugs

Robin Williams

Even though Robin Williams is passed away, he was one popular actor who loved his pug, Lenny (aka Leonard). He actually adopted his pug from a rescue quite a few years back.

Gerard Butler

Another popular actor is Gerard Butler and his pug Lolita. I love that adorable name. He will take his pug wherever he goes and pampers his sweet pug with treats and the first class treatment.

Tori Spelling

Calling all 90210 fans, Tori Spelling owned a pug a few years back. Her pug, Mimi LaRue, sadly has passed away, and it was a huge loss for her family, and Mimi was a huge part of their family.

Paris Hilton

Mugsy is Paris Hilton’s pug. She is a huge dog lover as you can tell from a lot of the photos she is captured in. She generally has a dog or two in her hands. Mugsy was adopted from a rescue shelter.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards who was married to Charlie Sheen has a huge love for dogs and has owned one in the past along with a handful of other pooches.

Nick Carter

If you are a fan of boy bands then you know Nick Carter. He has a pug that he takes running with him and pampers it with love and care. There are quite a few candid photos of Nick and his pug online.

Pauly D

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D is a lover of pugs as well. You can see a few photos online of him and his loving pooch. He keeps his sweet pug at home when he DJ’s in the evenings or parties.

Rob Zombie

This singer has a love for dogs even if he comes off as a strong silent type. You can find a few photos of him holding his sweet pug doggy.

Anna Paquin

You might know Anna from True Bloods her pug was actually her friends, and she fell in love with it and slowly took over ownership.

Billy Joel

Sabrina is Billy Joel’s pug, who he loves dearly. A lot of pampering, fun treats, and grooming to the fullest goes on for this precious pug.

Even More, Celebrities Who Have Pugs

  • Valentino
  • Amber Rose
  • Dennis Quaid
  • Ted Danson
  • Andy Warhol
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Kelly Brook
  • Paul Smith
  • Adrian Grenier
  • Jodie Marsh
  • Anna Ferris
  • George Clooney

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