Cheap and Free Ways to Reduce Stress

One of my goals in 2021 was to aim to live a more content lifestyle. Back in 2019, we were homeless for half of the year. We lived at hotels, campgrounds, and ultimately in our vehicles. The year 2020 brought along new lifestyle changes when we spent the year in a home we found in late 2019.

Now that we’ve had a pretty stable year or so, I wanted to focus on living a more stress-free lifestyle. This means my number one goal in 2021 is to reduce my work hours while maintaining or improving my income flow, finding new ways to enjoy family time, and being present with each household member.

I essentially want to be a more mindful partner and parent in my household, and work hard to find new ways to reduce stress so I can be that person.

I want to wake up each day happy to live the life I live, to at least be content. In order to get there, I have to work slowly on various internal changes and external changes. One of the external changes was to find new ways to reduce stress. Since I’m of the frugal mindset, I decided to find new cheap and free ideas to reduce stress.

One such idea I’ve tried out is free online games. Yes! I like to play games, and I think you will, too!

Cheap and Free Ways to Reduce Stress

Without further ado, below are my favorite cheap and free ways to reduce stress. I’m confident that these ideas will help anyone out there learn a new way to detach from adult stress and learn how to rejuvenate their mind and body after a long day of being a responsible adult.

Paint By Number

One of my newest stress-reliever activities is paint by number. I am working on a beautiful masterpiece that follows something I learned in childhood- how to color by number. Within these paint by number kits for adults, you’ll receive everything you need to complete a beautiful work of art. I’ll be sharing more about paint by number in the near future, so feel free to subscribe to my blog to get updates!

Science Experiments

OMG, we have so much fun doing science experiments during our homeschool sessions. Homeschooling for us is more like learning through LIVING and we made so many changes this year to make this possible! I now only work 3-4 days for clients leaving my days open for multiple homeschooling or unschooling opportunities with my sons in the kitchen or out in the woods!

You can get lost in any science experiment, like this Skittles one we did recently! I love watching the color pop off the Skittles in our fast-paced time-lapse recording. We made ice cream last weekend, so that will be going up on the YouTube channel soon, too. Science experiments for kids or adults are the perfect stress-reducing activity because they’re typically free or low-cost and keep your mind occupied on the event versus other crap going on in your adult life.

Read a Book

Another thing that many of my Instagram and Facebook friends keep hearing about is my new mission to read more books! I’m not a fiction person, I enjoy reading books that will enhance my mind. This means books that help with self-growth, mindset training, or other brilliant ideas. The most recently finished book, The Best Yes, has transformed my life more than any single book ever has!

There are many books you can read to enjoy for downtime. If you’re a fiction reader, then grab this new book by Audrey, a long-time blog friend. She finally published her book as a long time goal achievement and I couldn’t be more proud of her. If you like non-fiction books or self-growth books, then try out some Napolean  Hill. I am currently reading Think Grow Rich.

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Play Online Games

Another FUN way to reduce stress is to play online games. If we’re not friends on Facebook, then you have no idea how addicted to online games I am. I typically play Minecraft, but every so often I get bored of that game and look for new ways to play games online for free. Most recently I happened upon where you can enjoy so many games and they’re updating the site frequently with new games to play!

Which game is my favorite on Well, I can’t say for sure, but I can tell you that this game that reminds me of my childhood surely helps reduce stress. I love that they have a game that was created loosely on the concept of Duck Hunt, did you not play that as a kid?! OMG, it was so much fun!

Screen Recording of Brandy Ellen Playing Duck Shooter on

As you can see, I have so many creative ways to spend my time after I complete my freelance writing client work for the week. I have enjoyed putting myself as a priority in 2021 because it has helped me become a better spouse and mother.

I wonder what you will do this year to be a better human?

I wonder what you will do this year to feel less stress and anxiety?

Perhaps enjoy some games like me?

Maybe read a book?

How about you start growing veggies from scraps?

Maybe you’ll enjoy as much as I do for downtime?

There are so many fun ways to enjoy life and live a more content, stress-free life. You just have to aim to make it a priority!


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