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Is having a hobby really all that important? I say yes! I believe in the concept of never growing old, or as some call it “aging gracefully”. I believe in keeping that child-like curiosity and imagination alive at every corner, and so it comes with no shock that today’s product feature is something that features a little play, a little cognitive function work, a little color, and a lot of fun!

Meet The Woobles

Not that long ago, a person wanted to make a crotchet plushie for their friend, but realized it was pretty hard. (yes, it is!)

Between YouTube videos, online diagrams, and all the resources they could find they pieced together something that helped them make fewer mistakes than if they had just gone at this on their own.

At the time, all she could think was “What’s a girl got to do to crotchet a penguin for her friend!”

It sounds like it was a rough time, and of course, what does every good entrepreneurial-minded human being do with a problem?

They find a solution!

So that’s when The Woobles was founded!

A space for beginner crocheters to learn how to make all sorts of plushies. The mission was to remind us adults that we can learn a new skill at any age!

They have beginner Woobles, Intermediate Woobles, Kits, and so much fun, even accessories!

With all that being said, The Woobles was born and now let me walk you through my experience thus far with my little Woobles friend, Fred the Dino.

The Woobles Experience Part 1

I haven’t finished making Fred the Dino yet, but I wanted to share how far I’ve come and what my experiences have been with The Woobles Fred the Dino up to step 6.

I live in a space where I rarely get any time alone, actually, I lied, I never get time alone, so there are dogs running around, teenagers who have to get to jobs, and clients who need me to do their writing work (hey you can hire me as a writer, too), and other things going on in this adult life.

Typically we’d live in a home where I have my own bedroom, but alas, the living room is my bedroom these days. I’m grateful for a roof over my head, food on the table, etc. etc. But that means my hobby projects, like Fred the Dino, tend to take me a little longer to accomplish.

I will get him done and share more of my progress as time goes on, but also? Are you following me on Instagram or Facebook? How about Threads or Twitter? I do share pics and videos all over those platforms as I work on fun stuff like this.

So back to the topic at hand. Fred the Dino – The Woobles Process

The package comes with everything you need to make the plushie or accessory, etc. Fred the Dino has his stuffing, his yarn, the eyes, and everything including the hook and needle to finish the plushy. You may need scissors, but we will see as I get to the end if I need those. 😉

The project even had a piece started so that you don’t have to start from scratch. I learned that those pins are called stitch markers, and boy do they make crocheting a bit easier! They mark where you start each time or end each time, which essentially is where you start the next time. (you start the next round where you ended the previous round, is what I mean)

Once you open up the package, you will have a QR code or link with a password that allows you to go to The Woobles website and find your learning video. They also have a Facebook Group (more on this in another post) where you can go ask for questions that aren’t answered in their helpful question area inside of the tutorial portal. 👌

The start of the instructions is very simple. The person went through the instructions very well, in a way that made my brain thankful for the low pace as my motor memory started to kick in. I used to crotchet Barbie clothes & Barbie blankets as a kid. 😂

This is a great way to learn crotchet in a visual way for those who are visual learners, and then the person went through how to read a crotchet pattern diagram, which was really cool! I was impressed that my mind comprehended the diagram quickly and off I went moving ahead just slightly in this procedure, yes you can work ahead if you’d like.

As I said, I have not finished Fred the Dino yet, I have made it up to step 6 and got suck on [7 sc, inc] x 4. I am trying to figure out what this means, but I will wait to see if someone can help me, or when the FB group approves me, I am sure someone in there will be super helpful.

I had to pause to get my teen to work and back again, plus it’s dinner time so I will for sure be back to this another day, maybe on a weekday when things aren’t as chaotic.

I loved that my motor memory kicked in though! How excited I was to feel like a little kid again. And here is where I explain why having a hobby or trying something new is so important!

Why should you have a hobby?

I cannot even begin to explain how chaotic my life has been switching to a smaller living space and having things externally not aligned that well for me in many ways, that I will not share right now online.

It’s been difficult to find my center or remain centered on some days, but The Woobles? They changed that.

When I pulled up the two dining room tables, they are like these tables on Amazon, with my laptop on one and my Woobles stuff on the other I literally lost track of anything around me for the first 5 steps.

I put the website address in, and the password to gain access to the tutorial for my Fred the Dino, and started crocheting the little adorable creature. My brain didn’t realize the dogs were running around, the family was walking back and forth doing their normal routines, and nothing interrupted my consciousness during that time.

I was fixated on this project!

Do you know how long it has been since I’ve found a hobby where I am in the moment doing the project? Where I feel just so indulged in it that nothing else even crossed my mind?

A very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very long time. 🤣

Basically, having a hobby is important for many reasons but the best one? Is to keep your mind sharp, the fun engaged, and reduce stress!

If you’re trying a hobby and get all stressed out? Then it’s not the right hobby for you. Just pause, and find a new one. 😜

More on the Woobles Project

As you get further along in this project, you’ll need to have a pen or pencil and paper. This is to track your single stitch and increase stitch each time you do them. You can make a note like above, where you can see that I switched inc to a D (for double stitch) because that’s just what my brain did.

Or, if you have more of them to do, like this particular one, then you may use tally marks but I didn’t take a photo of that, of course. Hopefully, you know what I mean by tally marks.

That’s about as far as I am with my dino and I do believe I did a few stitches wrong, which means I may have to backtrack. The cool thing about using stitch markers is that you can go back one step easily without having to destroy the entire project.

I can honestly say that this is a fun project for me and while I do have another plushy to make, it’s Gertrude the llama, I will be giving that one to my daughter to try their hand at.

So, what do you think? Do you think you’d like to give a try at making someone special a plushy? Buy 1 today.

I am making Fred the Dino for my desk because he’s cool. Dinosaurs are cool!


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