Checklist: 5 Maintenance Tips for This Fall

People prepare for fall in different ways. While some prepare by purchasing indoor accessories and clothing required for a cozy fall season, others take time to maintain their interior and exterior space in anticipation of this unique season.

Maintaining your home for fall will ensure that it stays fresh, attractive, and comfortable. It can also help in preventing future issues. If you aren’t sure how to maintain your home for the fall season, or perhaps you need directions on maintaining your outdoor space in anticipation of fall, this guide will help you.

1. Clean or replace your gutters

Your gutters play a huge role in the maintenance of your structure. They protect the foundation and landscaping of your home, prevent erosion, and reduce the possibility of basement flooding.

Over time, your gutters may get clogged, preventing them from doing their job effectively. The best way to ensure that such doesn’t happen is by cleaning it regularly. A clogged gutter can result in a flooded interior and damaged exterior, which is bad for your pocket and your home.

You can clean your gutters by using the scoop and drop method, the gutter bag method, or the gutter bucket method. Contact professional gutter cleaners for help if you cannot clean your gutters yourself.

2. Clean your pool

Your maintenance should also extend to one of the most adorned parts of your outdoor space: your pool. Your pool is one area of your outdoor space that can easily get dirty. Preparing it for the fall season will boost its longevity and help maintain sanitary and safe water.

Cleaning your pool will also result in fewer costly repairs. You don’t want to spend $900 (national average cost of pool repairs) to repair your pool every now and then. Contact pool cleaning service if you don’t have the time to clean your pool or have zero ideas of how to get the job done.


3. Drain your outdoor faucets

This may seem irrelevant, but draining all outdoor faucets before fall is an important maintenance tip. Doing this will prevent water from freezing in your pipes. If you ignore this maintenance tip, your pipes may burst when the water in them freezes and expands.

4. Inspect your home for draft

During fall, there’ll be a drop in the temperature of your home, requiring you to leverage heat from your HVAC. However, if there are drafts in your home, your heater wouldn’t perform optimally. This could spike up your energy bill and make your home less comfortable.

Ensure you inspect your home for drafts. Pay close attention to these key areas when looking for a draft:

  • Switchplates
  • Baseboards
  • Electrical outlets
  • Fireplace dampers
  • Attic hatches

If you discover any draft, don’t hesitate to close it. Did you discover a draft in your cable lines or wiring? Consider caulking them. If your windows or doors are bad, replace them. Insulate your fireplaces and attic  to prevent air from escaping or coming in..

5. Fertilize your lawn

During fall, you want your lawn to look more attractive than your neighbor’s. To achieve that, you’ll have to prioritize its maintenance, so it looks great even when the spring and summer seasons set in.

Apply fertilizer to achieve a better-looking and healthier lawn. You can also consider mowing it, watering it (when needed), raking it often, and keeping up with pest lawn control. All these maintenance activities are geared towards ensuring that your lawn stays fresh and beautiful during and post-fall.


Many homeowners prioritize the maintenance of their outdoor space during fall, ignoring their outdoor area. While such a move is logical ( as the indoor area houses you, your family, and your accessories), leaving your outdoor space out of the equation can create an imbalance and hurt your curb appeal.

Remember, a cluttered or messy outdoor space will give people the wrong impression of your indoor space. So, while you maintain your indoor space in anticipation of fall, ensure you do the same with your outdoor space.


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