I’ve had so many thoughts on my mind the last week or so. The creative mind is slow, probably due to a sinus infection of sorts which is causing major bouts of vertigo type symptoms. Or perhaps it’s due to the mind being so full of gratefulness, analyzation, and hope for my new life that happened in an unpredictable way.

Whatever the reasons for my many thoughts, I felt I should write something for New Year’s Eve. I mean, it is the last day of 2019 and with so many thoughts on my mind, I’m sure others may be having something similar going on.

New Year, New Resolution

I’m not one for setting New Year Resolutions, or a New Year Word, although I’ve tried both options in the past. This year I may have a word to keep me inspired and moving forward, but that’s for my family to know. I’ll use it in the house to inspire each of us to cherish what we have.

While I may not fall into the whole resolution thing because I feel life is so unpredictable, I would like to share some tips for you to set your New Year resolution or word.

If you’re out there searching for your New Year Resolution or New Year Word, here are a few tips to inspire you to find that mission and goal for your 2020 success:

  • Be realistic.
  • Lower your expectations.
  • Set a resolution that helps with self-growth.
  • Find a word that feels right.
  • Listen to your gut.

It’s really that simple to set your New Year Resolution or New Year Word. Find something that resonates with you, feels right, and inspires you to be a better human.

Your Vision Magnifies Unpredictable Life

How you view your life will have a tremendous impact on your life and the circumstances you face. Let’s just say that I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction; your thoughts manifest your reality. I practiced the Law of Attraction for many years before I knew of The Secret.

Your vision, how you perceive your unpredictable life, is what will make or break your world. If you want to learn to cherish the moments you have on Earth, then start thinking about the NOW and what you have NOW.

Look around the house, do you have a warm place to sleep? Do you have something to eat or drink? Do you have people who truly care for your wellbeing?

If you can say yes to any of those questions, then you have so much to cherish in your life right NOW.

Life is Unpredictable – Accept Life as it Comes

There are many inspirational stories far more inspiring than anything I’ve gone through. One person that came to mind while I was writing this blog post is the inspirational speaker who has no arms and no legs. Can you imagine how you’d handle that? I know that I’d feel self-pity for a bit. I’d embrace the emotions. But then I’d get up, get moving, and find that inner strength. I’d remind myself that I cannot be defeated by circumstances.

It does help that I have people who will remind me of my inner strength and that I’ve never been an excuse maker so get up and get moving!

I’d do exactly what this person does, he inspires others. He shows that you cannot be defeated by your circumstances unless you let yourself feel defeated! Always remember that life is unpredictable, but you can accept life as it comes to manifest a positive and successful future!

Accept the Problem in Your Unpredictable Life

Stop wallowing in self-pity. Stop saying that everything bad happens to you. Please just stop with the worrying and thinking that you’re meant to have bad things happen to you. While, yes, I do believe in Karma and that some people are pure evil, I believe there are far more of you that are good, kind-hearted people.

*MOST* people don’t deserve to suffer forever. We all have a chance to remake our NOW. Today is the day to cherish what you have, but that’s not to say that today won’t come with problems.

You will always have some problem that your unpredictable life will toss at you. Whether it’s financial burdens, a friendship or relationship issue, a parenthood issue, or something far more traumatic like abuse or finding yourself homeless. Remember that everything really does happen for a reason. If you’re struggling, then perhaps your thoughts have manifested this reality to test you once again.

You haven’t learned yet.

One thing I’ve found with life is that it will continuously throw similar cycles of problems at you until you finally get the lesson that’s meant for you. I know I’ll still have problems thrown at me because it takes me a long time to learn. Ha! But I’ll embrace every problem that I face in my unpredictable life with an open mind, trying to learn whatever lesson it is that the problem wants to teach me.

In conclusion, your entire life will be full of problems and life lessons to learn. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little 5-year-old kid or a 50-year-old man. Life is so unpredictable because we all need to have a chance to grow, learn and find our way. I don’t think we are ever done learning. I’m 38 years old and still find myself learning in many ways through a variety of experiences.

While my father says I have taught him a lot, I have to say that both my mother and my father still continue to teach me. They teach me simply by living their life and attempting to be a part of mine. They teach me by living their life. Sure, they’ve both taught me what not to do, but they’ve also taught me what to do – simply by living their own lives.

Let’s face it, life is hard and life is unpredictable! Anxiety sucks. Mental health issues are real. I’m not trying to minimize anything. I’m simply trying to reach out to you and tell you that you can change the NOW. Today is your day. It may be the last day of 2019, but it’s also the first day of the rest of your life. Make today count. Stand up. Be strong. You can do this!

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