Tips for Choosing a Blog Domain to Make Money

Once you’re ready to make money online, blogging is often one of the first things that come to mind. It’s great for those who love writing, easy to have fun with, can bring in many different revenue streams depending on what you do with it, and overall can be an awesome idea for beginners and experts alike. But how do you make the most money from the start? Your domain is the first impression on your readers, and it’s what will determine the success of your website first. Today, let’s talk about tips for choosing a blog domain to make money and how you can use it.

Choosing a Blog Domain

Hosting and Domains

Before you get into creating ideas, remember you’ll be purchasing your domain to use it, and you will also need to invest in hosting. This can be made easy with today’s best options, Namecheap and Siteground. Namecheap is excellent for domain buying, and Siteground will be perfect for your hosting. But, just know you will need this step.

Pick an Idea

No matter what you write about, you need to start with an idea. What niche do you like to write about? Will this be a lifestyle blog? Or will it focus on a topic in particular? What names or words come to mind about your topic? Jot down keywords and names that you associate with your blog idea.

Create Phrases

The easiest to remember and access websites are often short phrases that make sense to our minds. So take those keywords you like, and try configuring phrases with them. You can do something personal or something that just sounds nice. Experiment! It’ll take time to find one that works well and sticks to your mind.

Check Usage

You can even plug in words in your domain name for search engine use to see if your blog name will come up easily in searches. This step isn’t necessary but helps you optimize your idea. And you also want to check for similar websites to see if your domain name stands out enough to make it.

Time to Buy

Once you’ve got all of your ideas ready and think you have a website name, you want to purchase it so you can use it for your blog. Namecheap is a trusted and well-built domain purchase option that will not only let you purchase your blog domain but also create an email for it as well as privacy perks. Check it out!


If you do go to purchase your domain and find that your idea is already purchased or being used, but you’re really stuck on it, don’t panic. You can work with your original idea in many ways to still get success. Removing or adding small words and letters can help, or changing the ending from “.com” to other popular ideas are examples.


What is hosting? Your next step is hosting, which is where everything you want to upload is stored and provides you the resources to get and keep your blog running. Today’s recommendation is Siteground. You can choose from many different hosting options, but Siteground stands out for sure!

Next Steps

You’ve got your domain purchased and started hosting; it’s time to get to your blog! Using these tips and steps will help you to make a domain that sticks to your audience and helps with money, but you need to get the blog up to truly start earning. The world is yours! Start planning ideas, writing content, and getting into your blog creation.

It’s time to get moving! Make your idea, think of how you can optimize it with these tips, and go get hosting. You want to purchase your domain and set up hosting quite quickly, so you don’t lose your idea since so many blogs are being created and run on the internet. For the best value, try Namecheap for your domain purchase! And once you’re ready for hosting, Siteground will be able to offer you quite a lot of value for your money, as well as plenty of ways to work with your hosting for the most successful website. Good luck with your blog!


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