Clever Ways To Promote Your Direct Sales Business

Promoting your direct sales business can easily become something that feels as if it’s mostly spam or repetitive, which can negatively impact how many new customers you draw in. When promoting your business you want to stand out and show possible buyers the best of your products in a fun or creative way.

Luckily, there’s plenty of creative and unique ways to cleverly promote your direct sales business. Here are some clever ways to promote your direct sales business. 

Clever Ways To Promote Your Direct Sales Business

 Write About Them

Blogs are an easy way to start up an interactive site that brings traffic towards your writing and then to your products. You can use a blog and some SEO knowledge or learning to be able to draw in a lot of viewers. You don’t even have to use the blog to only write about the products, you can choose a niche or topic that aligns with your products and go from there.

For example, you could write an article about self-care that includes links to bath and body products or write about health and wellness for fitness or nutrition products. It’s super easy to start and keep up with a blog, and a great way to connect back to your business. 

Use Facebook

Facebook is a great space for those with direct sales businesses to get a good audience as well as access to advertisement space and creating a community. You can utilize this form of social media to create a group for customers, friends, family, and anyone that wants to be included that posts things like sales, chats, and more.

A Facebook page for your business is also important because it gives you more traffic from searches and allows you to advertise on Facebook when you have the money for it. This platform can give your customers and visitors a look at what your business or products are as well as how interactive you are and a feel for what they can get.

Include Yourself

People watching your business or social media want to know the products you’re marketing are things someone will actually use and enjoy. So include yourself in your marketing! Talk about tutorials for the products, everyday photos of you using them, how much you like or use these products, and more.

This brings a lot more credibility to yourself and your products for those that are interested and also improves possible buyers’ outlooks on your products. When someone knows that you’re not only selling these but enjoying them and utilizing them as well, they’re more likely to want to try out your products too. 

 Build Relationships

Similar to the concept we just discussed, building good relationships with your clients and any other sellers you work with is really important to making the business reputable and successful. People want to buy products from someone that is trustworthy and able to understand or keep track of their needs or buying habits from your company.

If you keep track of your customers’ previous purchases, needs, contact info, and anything else important you can continuously build a positive relationship with them which can further encourage return buys or positive word from them to others. 

While traditional marketing and advertising methods could still help bring you traffic and sales, it’s important to remember to add new and creative or smart ways of marketing into your routine to get the best out of your efforts. This way you can consistently draw in people’s attention to your products and hopefully make more sales that way.

It’s important to stand out from the crowd, especially if your product is similar to many other companies’ or businesses’ products out there. These ideas should help you with making your marketing more unique.


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  1. Building relationships with people is so important. even if you think they’re an asset to your business or not, you would be surprised.

  2. These are great and helpful tips. Yes, Facebook is one of the tool that can help you promoting your business. Thank you!

  3. These are all great tips. Building relationships with customers is a great way to get repeat business. You come across as someone who pays attention to them and what they need.

  4. Marketing really is everything! I do always love seeing people’s everyday photos using products.

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