There are all kinds of holiday makers in the world. Some people prefer beach holidays abroad, with sand, sun and sea. Other people enjoy visiting places closer to home. Then there are the brave folks who have an appetite for adventure. Not content with relaxing or gently pottering around a quaint country village on their vacation, these are the people who are looking to gain new perspectives by discovering uncharted places in the world, as well as finding out a little more about themselves in the process. Admittedly, not everybody is cut out for an adventure holiday, but in this article we will try to convince you why you should consider something a little more exciting than your usual holiday experience.

You will push your limits

If the nearest you get to pushing yourself is walking an extra mile down the road to see if you can find another store to spend your cash, you aren’t really challenging yourself. While we don’t always like to get out of our comfort zones, sometimes it’s worth doing something different for the personal reward. “I did that” you can tell yourself, and you will have a memory you will be proud of. Whether it’s climbing a mountain in the Lake District or white water rafting down the Colorado River, there are experiences that are at once challenging and exciting, pushing you towards new limits and giving you immense satisfaction when completing them.

You can explore once-in-a lifetime places

Don’t rely on your usual holiday destination every year. Yes, the hotel may be nice, but there are countless places to visit in the world that just beg to be explored and experienced. Examples? Well, there are the tour guide led G Adventures on the South American Inca Trails if you enjoy hiking. Shopping fanatics should try the floating markets in Thailand. Even beach lovers could go for somewhere new, such as El Castillo in Mexico, with the Mayan Ruins forming an intriguing backdrop. These are the places of natural beauty, exciting cultural experiences, and wonders that are rarely explored by the average tourist abroad.

You will experience the health benefits

From the unpolluted air to the increased levels of exercise, an adventure holiday offers many health benefits. With the range of activities on offer, there is bound to be something you will enjoy doing. Gentle activities include cycling through rice fields in Thailand or scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands. Alternatively, you could go to extremes and mountain bike through the Alps or hike through the Grand Canyon. The health benefits are many, but make sure you know your levels of endurance before trying something particularly demanding.

You will have incredible new experiences

While your best mate is content to relax on her sun lounger all summer long, you can inspire her with the amazing stories based on your experiences. Perhaps you have been to an exotic destination and lived within a new culture, or you may have beaten your own path into uncharted terrain. The adventures you have will live long in your memory, and you will have countless number of conversation starters when you meet up with the important people in your life. Unforgettable!


So, are you interested in something a little more adventurous on your next holiday? If so, take the risk and try something new.


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