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Convert Your Spare Room Into A Home Office With These 4 Tips

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That spare room of yours has done nothing but collect dust since you moved into this house. You use it for storage now and then, but it doesn’t really serve another purpose. You live quite close to your parents, so they never stay over anyway. Instead of letting a room sit there and go to waste, why don’t you convert it into a home office?

Over the last year, you’ve gradually realized that working from home is right for you. Whether this means you’re no longer going into the office, or you’ve started your own home business, it doesn’t matter! The fact is, you’re committed to working from home, and you need somewhere as your base of operations.

The kitchen table won’t cut it – and it won’t help you be productive. A home office will, and here are some tips to help you convert your spare room into one:

Start from scratch

Even if you have a desk and some furniture in the spare room already, it’s better if you start from scratch. Clear everything out so you have a blank space, and now you can plot what you need and where everything will go. This is the perfect time to take measurements as well, so you have a good idea if the furniture will fit in your room or not. It also helps you figure out the size and style of desks you will be able to accommodate.

Make a list of all the essentials

What will you need inside your home office? Let’s start with the obvious essentials:

  • A work desk
  • A suitable chair
  • Some storage for documents/files
  • A computer/laptop
  • A printer/scanner/photocopier

In all honesty, you can make a home office that only has these things and it’ll be absolutely fine. However, you may want to add a few luxury extras if you have space:

  • A sofa to take breaks on
  • A coffee machine
  • Some artwork on the walls
  • Dual monitor screens

The list of extras can go on forever, but begin with the essentials and then consider if you have room for any optional additions to spice the office up.

Soundproof the room

Ideally, you want your home office to be as quiet as possible. This means you can’t hear your children screaming as they play together, and you can’t hear your other half playing the TV loudly from the room next door. You could wear headphones, but this means you won’t hear important things – like your phone ringing or someone knocking on your door for help.

Instead, you can soundproof your room to block out as much sound from the outside as possible. One way to do this is with thicker insulation between the walls. Many insulation contractors can do this for you, and the added benefit is that it’ll keep your office warm in the colder months. Alternatively, you can get foam pads to stick to the walls, but these are only really effective if the wall is covered in them, and that can be expensive.

Blocking the gaps around the door is also very useful, and you can easily find foam strips to stick around your door to do just that.

Install a new lock

Your spare room will be like every other room in your house in that it won’t have a lock on the door. Only the bathroom will have one, but your home office needs another level of security. You don’t want your children running into your office and damaging or breaking important things. Similarly, if someone were to break into your home, this is the last place you want to give them access to.

Therefore, adding a new lock to the door should be a top priority. In all honesty, you could probably do with buying a brand new door altogether – one that’s sturdier than normal. Then, pick an advanced lock – like one with a pin code – and have it installed on the door. Now, only people with the code can open your door and enter your office, keeping it safe and secure.


And just like that, you have converted a spare room into a home office. These are genuinely the only steps you need to follow; it’s not as hard as it seems. Empty out the spare room, then admire the plain space you have in front of you. Think about where things will go, then make your list of essential items. Once everything is ordered and built, your office will be taking shape. Add some soundproofing and a more secure door, and you’re good to go!



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