Couples Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you searching for the best gift ideas for that special someone this Valentine’s Day?? If so, I have the list for you. Not only am I sharing some date night a home ideas, but I have a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples to show you. Read all the way to the end to get a discount to save cash on your special couple’s gift this year.

My other half’s shop has so many rustic wood laser engraved signs like this family a little bit of loud design, or the gnome love design that features bearded gnomes. The variety of designs over at our family run shop could give you Valentine’s Day gift ideas for hours, but today I wanted to feature some of my favorite date night home ideas plus a bonus Valentine’s Day gift idea that you should grab right now so it ships in time for that special lovey day!

Below are our favorite ways to spend quality time together, that is when we’re not busy fulfilling orders and restocking our store booth in Warner, NH.

9 date night at home ideas for couples

1. Make that meal you’ve been wanting to cook together, but just never get around to it!

2. Cuddle up on the couch and watch your favorite movie – whether for the hundredth time or just your first is up to you, but cuddling is definitely required.

3. Play board games while sipping on your favorite drinks. Our favorite is chess or battleship.

4. Drink one of these hot beverage recipes for two, then curl up under a blanket and wait for the warmth to kick in.

5. Do a DIY that you’ve been wanting to do forever, or wait until after Valentine’s Day and make this rustic home decor sign.

6. Check out a documentary together – maybe one you’ve been dying to watch or one that you never knew existed but always wanted the other half to see. I’m all for documentaries, especially ones about nature!

7. Make your very own love signs from old palettes and scrap wood – this is definitely something you can do together!

8. Write each other letters of love or fill these heart shaped jars with love notes that are sure to last a lifetime.

9. Play pin the tail on the donkey – but at home, without all the crowds and bright lights.

Now onto our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples:

Custom rustic wood signs

Enjoy a variety of custom rustic wood signs that have been laser engraved with our CNC laser machine right here in NH. You can get a custom photograph or favorite recipe laser engraved on your hardwood of choice for Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary, too!

Unique love jars filled with love notes

Use my printable Valentine’s Day love coupons that can be customized in Canva or printed as-is. Print them out, cut each one, and place them inside a mason jar to show your loved one that they matter. Your spouse can then use the coupons for something special throughout the year. These will surely help spark that romance again.

Get a 3D Memorial Photo

Last, but certainly not least preserve treasured memories in a 3D memorial photo crystal for a timeless, personalized keepsake. These crystal designs are simply adorable and are something I am planning to gift to someone special in my family for their anniversary.

Remember to account for shipping times when searching for the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day online. You need to order by February 5th in order to get your Crystal Clear Memories in time for Valentine’s Day!

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