My oldest child is constantly educating me on the health benefits of removing what I’ve been using for years. Crystal deodorant is a new-to-us brand that she wanted to try out.

Deodorant is one of those replacement items that my oldest has tried to encourage me to pay attention to.

Crystal Deodorant for the Win

I spend extra money on deodorant so that my 17-year-old can use a more natural approach to smelling fresh. Recently we learned about the Crystal brand. This brand arms you with confidence, not fake ingredients!

For a child who has had crystals in her life forever, and we used them to try to keep our sweet Jenny the pug from too much pain during her end of days, I honestly can say we were excited to give Crystal deodorant a shot.

This is just another more natural approach to keeping ourselves healthy and smelling fresh.

About CRYSTALTM The Original, Safe, Natural Mineral Salt Deodorant

This brand is the original mineral deodorant creator and has been leading the industry for over 35 years. If you haven’t heard of this brand, then click here to read more about Crystal deodorant.

This effective line is mineral-based and cruelty-free. You’ll also be happy to learn that these products are vegan and the packaging is eco-friendly!

One that does take some getting used to is that you have to wet the top of this Crystal mineral deodorant before rolling it on your armpit. This helps activate the minerals.

Is Aluminium in deodorant harmful?

Aluminum found in deodorant prevents toxins from expelling from your body. This can cause the toxins to build up and clog your lymph nodes.

The problem is that aluminum in deodorant is extremely harmful for the blood-brain barrier. Many studies have concluded that the aluminum in those over the counter aluminum-containing deodorants has been one of the culprits of Alzheimer’s disease.

Is mineral salt deodorant safe?

Yes. Since mineral salt deodorant is made from natural ingredients, it’s essential safe for any part of your body. Be sure to read the instructions and ingredients on any product you’ll place on the skin before use.

We are all different, so it’s important to do your research and know what you’re putting on your body!

This company is committed to the safety of our precious Earth and the consumers who use their products. I hope that you’ll take a minute to check out this brand’s website.

Have a peek at the extensive line of product options they have to keep you from stinking with their 24-hour protection mineral-based deodorant options.

Use #crystaldeodorant when posting about this product online. Search Instagram to see what others are saying about this fabulous brand!

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