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Dancing Off the Known Map: Let’s Build Your Writing Empire in 2024

I have been writing and writing and writing for 16-plus years now! I started as a virtual assistant in 2006, branched out to do some product uploads and descriptions over on Etsy and other online marketplaces for clients, and then eventually settled in to be a Mom blogger in 2008.

As times changed, and life kept moving along, I also adapted my writing skills to the current needs of my online friends and others in the online community. This branching out included me starting my writing business. I now have multiple streams of revenue that all come right back to one special skill – writing.

Ever since I was a little girl my dream was to be a writer. I thought back in the elementary years of creative writing classes with Mr. Evan Hill, that one day I would have published a book with my name listed as the author. Sadly, he has since passed I do believe but I often hear his voice pushing me to use my creativity and to use more adjectives to describe my vision on paper. He, among others, saw something in my skill of writing & wanted me to grow to be a better writer.

Looking back, I know that writing was (and is) my passion … and now? Many years later, I was able to reach my first HUGE revenue-earning milestone. I honestly am still in shock that this happened! Like, who am I? What happened? How in the heck did I do this?!

I don’t share this information to brag. I am still in shock that I am who I am today. I am still in shock (and super grateful) each time a person reaches out to hire me for their next writing project. I still am, in my eyes, a small-town girl who just wants to be kind to everyone and envisions a world where we all help each other learn and grow.

It’s crazy to see how far people I know have come, and how far I have come. Each year I get a chance to learn and grow some more. That is why I decided to place a high focus on helping other writers succeed in 2024 using my goal success coaching skills.

I truly want to help others earn a high income with their writing skills in the upcoming years, and so that’s why I decided to launch my 8-week writer mastery workshop …

After sitting and soaking in the reality that I have a skill that people want to pay me for, I realized that there are so many of you out there – just like me! You are a born writer and tired of scrounging for cash, or working that 9-5 job hoping that one day you can use your skill of writing to earn a high-figure income.

I knew that I couldn’t be the only one with this dream …. And after speaking with some of my new writing friends? I realized that I was not alone. There are many people out there writing for newspapers, magazines, online outlets, or other publications that want more revenue from their writing skills.

And that, my friends, is why I decided that 2024 is the year! 

This is the year I will take all of my experiences in building a writing business empire, my goal success life and business coaching classes, and all of the other self-taught skills like building a WordPress blog into one 8-week workshop that you get to experience at your own pace.

Let me know your interest, by subscribing here. I will be in touch shortly about the many options to work with me to get your writing to the next level in 2024.

You can achieve great success this year! Why not allow me to help YOU gain that success you so desire?! Get on the list so you can take my workshop, get 1:1 or group coaching, and more this year!


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  1. This sounds like such a great resource for people who want to take their writing to the next level. Is it just for US citizens, or can other nationalities join too?

    1. It is open to everyone who wants to take their writing to the next level in 2024 or the future years!

  2. Love your story and love the idea of taking on different types of writing k=jobs to have multiple revenue streams. Good for you and I may have to look into this more as well.

  3. Good writing are many things. And yes, we do need to want to learn hot to become effective writers as the first step. Putting to practice what we have learned is also a huge important step.

  4. This is perfect for anyone starting a writing based career. The stages have been set out cover clearly what is required and are a great guide to help keep them focused at each stage.

  5. What an incredible journey! Your evolution from a virtual assistant to a seasoned Mom blogger and now a successful writing business owner is truly inspiring. The ability to adapt your writing skills to the ever-changing landscape of the online community showcases not only your versatility but also the power of cultivating a unique skill set.

  6. oh wow, amazing resource! I am not a writer as such but I would love to hone my writing skills. It’s my new year resolution actually…

  7. This sounds like it would be extremely helpful for anyone looking to take their writing to the next level. Thanks for sharing all of this information on it!

  8. This sounds like an amazing resource for any writer! I think it’s great that you’re willing to share your experience with others so they can find success, as well.

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