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Dealing with Unpredictable Life

It’s so funny, isn’t it? How one could get comfortable in their life and then have some curve ball hit, right? It happens. It happens to the best of us. We are floating along in life, with these expectations, and then all of a sudden something happens to remind us that life is unpredictable.

And I must say that life being unpredictable must be pretty common for all of you out there. Why? Well, my research on what brings people over here to read my thoughts tells me all I need to know. So many of you are out there searching for the answer to …

Why is life so unpredictable?

I only have an answer based on my almost 42 years of experience, as of 2023, and the answer is quite simple; life is unpredictable to ensure that you don’t become a robot. *giggles*

You see, we are humans and have this brain that hasn’t evolved much from the beginning of time, dealing with a world full of technology that’s moving faster than our caveman brain can figure out. So, the world is scary to this brain.

Those of you who consume a lot of media, social, news, and whatever other form of media, like this blog post, will often feel more overwhelmed and sad than others who choose to only allow some of the outward media to infiltrate their life.

Those of you who consume less media and instead turn to outdoor living, nature, and analyzing your own in-real-life situations, tend to overwhelm less often.

With that being said, I make it sound more simple than it is. I know that unpredictable life situations are far more complicated. Take mine, for example, I have experienced situations where I had to choose hard things. No one choice would be easier or fully the “best” choice in my human heart.

But a choice had to be made.

This one time – I had to choose to use logic and reasoning to keep myself (and my kids) safe, even though my heart was hurting from having had my ego and heart harmed. Not literally, no one broke my heart physically, but emotionally I was for sure broken a bit.

This led me to live with my Dad and Bonus Mama for a summer while my kids lived with their Dads. Yes, Dads (as in plural). My firstborn has a different dad than my 2 younger kiddos. They are all older now, but they were underage back then and had to go stay with their Dads because I was not able to find suitable options for us to stay together.

This really sucked. While, on the one hand, I was content knowing that the kids had a safe space to stay and that they would be provided for so to speak. On the other hand, they would be separated from me, the person they lived with mostly and turned to mostly … this I knew would suck for my eldest and possibly the younger two, but mostly my firstborn.

Later on? I have learned that season and the next summer were some of the most difficult times for my eldest who is almost 21 now. And it sucks. But again, that unpredictable life means that sometimes you have to make 1 choice out of a boatload of choices that hurt no matter what you do.

And that was where I was at. Not once, but twice during a season of two-three years of life. It hurt my heart, but I knew I was merely making choices I could make given my current experiences and mindset at the time.

We may be parents, but we’re still learning and growing. We still mess up, and I thank God that I have kids who aren’t afraid to speak up and that I do my best to listen so that I can learn more from them and grow more as a person.

Anyways, that unpredictable life? It happens to all of us. It can be extreme or it can be subtle, but it happens to all of us.

So why is life so unpredictable, you ask?

I believe it’s to help us learn and grow to expand our minds so we can show up as a better person for the future experiences that are in store for us.


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