Direct Sales Tips For Newbies

Direct sales can be a great source of extra income for any person, but it can also be difficult to get the hang of from the start to maximize your potential. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips and pieces of advice out there to help direct sales newbies get their footing well. Today I’m going to share with you some important direct sales tips for newbies. 

 Take Time Considering

Before you begin getting into the business of direct sales, you should take some time to consider what this option means for your time, energy, finances, and life in general. You also should research companies that you’re interested in and make sure that the company you choose is the best option for you.

Some important things to keep in mind include: do you like the product, is the product something customers will come back to buy again, can you be proud to stand by this company and their standards/ideals, how much time will this take out of my day, what will the mentorship be like, and much more. 

 Learn Better Approaches

If you’re one of those people that sell yourself as a “salesperson”, try to alter your approach. People don’t like the idea of those in the role of a salesperson. Instead, talk to someone in the form of a consultation, and make sure the products you are trying to sell are things you believe in and like using. This way it can truly hit home and bring sales, but in a positive way and a way that brings customers back for more.

Explain your products and what you like about them or how handy they are or other aspects you like. Think about it as if you’re telling a friend about something you love from a store or your favorite restaurant’s food. This point also means it’s important to actually use and enjoy the services or products you are selling, so you can actually use this approach well and truly be able to sell the products in a positive connecting way.

Be Patient and Kind

Similar to the last tip, direct sales and consultations are incredibly uncomfortable or miserable for both you and the customer if you’re not able to handle it well. This means being able to have patience with the majority of people that may not want your products or want to look things over on their own. The business you’re entering requires a lot of patience and the ability to build relationships with customers so that they are able to feel comfortable and want to come back for more of your products again and again.

The majority of direct sales come from repeat clients, and if you’re impatient or unkind towards a possible buyer you won’t have that opportunity. This is why you also should enjoy the products, company, and job itself; because if you’re miserable then you’re not going to get much of anything out of it but if you truly enjoy what you’re doing and selling that energy will show towards customers. 

 Be Accountable

 A massive part of direct sales has to do with your interaction with customers, possible buyers, new prospects, social media sites, and more. You need to have a system that works for keeping plugged in and accountable so you’re there when you need to be. It’s also a good idea to choose a social media platform to focus your efforts on and utilize that to help build traffic and prospects.

If you struggle with being available or online enough for what’s needed, think about finding a partner that can help split up that load. Basically, by not being there to check emails, follow up with previous conversations, market to new clients, and more; you’re consistently losing opportunities and therefore sales. Direct sales is a business that definitely requires a lot of consistent interaction and availability on your end to be able to succeed and stay successful. 

There are so many more tips than just these that could help you on your way, but these are some of the important ones. While this business can be pretty great, it does take some time to get moving in the best way you can.

Even if you’re not new to direct sales these tips could be helpful to note and understand what you need to pay attention to in order to stay successful or find more success. I hope these tips and thoughts can help you get on the right path forward in direct sales.

Article written by Jax. Jax is a 2020 high school graduate who enjoys being outdoors, exploring, and many niche topics. Jax is Brandy Ellen’s firstborn child & a part-time virtual assistant and content writer. You can find Jax on Instagram and YouTube.


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  1. I think these tips can be perfect for other activities than sales. We need always to improve ourselves!

  2. These are wonderful tips! I’ve done a variety of direct sales businesses and determined they just weren’t for me. However, I support my friends who are consultants.

  3. This was a great read. I’ve never thought about what it must be like to do this job. It really is one of those jobs that requires a well of patience.

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