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Do you Feel Burnt Out? Read This.

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, we often work a lot! The fun part of this is that most of us are doing work that we love, but what happens when the work we love becomes mundane and the environment at home doesn’t suit the best standards for our creative minds?

Well, we slowly disintegrate.

I mean, that sounds dramatic but it’s true!

Listen, if you’re an entrepreneur reading this;

Have you ever felt like the world around doesn’t support your creativity?

Maybe you feel burnt out and exhausted.

Maybe you feel or felt like no one gave a poop 💩 about you and now you’re wondering what to do with your life and business?

You may start reaching for external things to satisfy this “missing link” but that won’t solve a thing.

External things like alcohol, smoking, or other habits we turn to as humans won’t help you rise and become a better entrepreneur.

Sure, it may feel good in the moment.

This choice may even give you a flicker of relaxation

But it is not getting to the core of your issues, thus having to dig a little deeper on …

How to cope with burn out as a work at home entrepreneur?

Learning how to cope with that lack of creativity, increased exhaustion, and overall “burnt out” feeling, is a simple concept.

I always use the term simple, because I firmly believe that all of our human problems can be solved with a simple concept. I just warn my friends and others that the term simple does not equate to “easy”.

At this moment, you have two choices:

  • Do something new.
  • Do nothing.

Let’s face it, if you’re feeling burnt out as if no one else gives a poop about you or other feelings that we tend to express as humans building our business empire, you probably just push through.

You get up and hustle, hustle some more, and get things done!

That’s just how it is.

Who else is going to get your business empire to the highest goal you have in mind?

But here’s the issue with this concept of hustling through burnt out and continuing to put your mind & body through this chaos …

You start to deplete your health and mindset, which doesn’t allow you to show up as the most balanced and productive person in your business.

You will slowly decrease productivity until you have work piled up so high that now you can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel (or projects).

I’ve done this.

I have done this so many freaking times, my friends!

It’s normal for entrepreneurs to do this, and for people who are high achievers, or maybe just have some bills to get paid!

If you’re doing this, then you’re not alone, but I am writing to give you a few ideas on how you can try something new ….

So, here is my idea of trying something new to alleviate entrepreneurial burn out

There are so many ways I work towards finding new ways to reduce burn out as a work at home freelance writer and virtual assistant.

Most recently, I took a solo weekend trip.

This trip to Lake Wentworth Inn in Wolfeboro, NH is a trip I’ll remember for a lifetime. It is where I finally finished my book, it will be published soon, and it’s where I got to relax to get rid of that burn out feeling I could sense was creeping in.

I had started to lose my sparkle and shine at home. There’s just so much going on and I’m feeling rather neglected, but I remembered it’s not on other people to make me feel better. This is a job for Miss Brandy to handle.

So, I worked everything out so that I could get away for two nights, and boy, was it everything I needed. I think it was the perfect amount of time away, but hopefully next time I won’t be as nervous on the first night so I get two calmer nights away.

Now, I understand not everyone can schedule a night away. So here’s my next idea …

Camp in a Tent in Your Yard

I know, I am a big kid. I get it. You may think, “Now, Brandy why would I go camp in my backyard in a tent like I am a child again?”

Well, because that’s exactly what you need, my friend!

You need some downtime to let loose and live like a kid again.

Get that fire permit ready and have a campfire complete with smores or whatever you enjoy at a campfire.

Get your tent all set up with pillows, and blankets, and don’t forget the flashlight so you can see after dark.

Leave the house door unlocked if possible so you can run inside to go potty mid-night if that happens, or just lock the house all up and wing it like you’re out in the woods.

This pretending to be a kid again is probably a fabulous way for anyone who enjoys the simpler things in life to detach from their work-mode mindset and relax.

Don’t forget to lie and watch the stars trying to find all of the cool creatures and such in the night sky.

Have a friend who would enjoy this? Then invite them over and make this a friendly sleepover event like you would do when you were kids!

I am telling you, do not underestimate the power of “acting like a kid” occasionally in this adult life, it keeps ya young. 😉

Start your Day with Exercise

I miss my old office space, heck I miss having more privacy! But that’s a story for another day. Shown above is the image of my previous office space in my old house. I had a futon, a yoga mat, and other exercise options inside my office so that I could stop and exercise throughout the day.

Fast forward to current times and I simply do exercises via YouTube videos at the start of the day and any time during the day when I feel that burn out feeling creeping in.

I will get up and move my body!

Grab that Fabulous50s video on YT, whatever one I feel like pushing play on, and I go until it’s over. (I am in my 40s, but these workouts are great)

This is a total mood shifter.

You can do whatever you want to get up and move, but please just get your butt UP and MOVE.

I promise it will help you switch your emotional state while helping keep your body healthy and not so stiff.

Get Some Damn Sleep

I don’t know how many humans I talk to daily that express their issues with sleep right now.

I think that our bodies are getting antsy for the spring season.

Winter has been long and weird, with some warmer days that teased our soul to want spring to just get here already.

For anyone who dislikes winter, like me, this season can be extremely difficult for you.

The lingering season that goes warm, cold, then rain, then snow (like our NH winter has been) can make this feeling even worse!

Don’t worry, spring is almost here, and with that comes your ability to get out and move more often.

But you don’t want spring to arrive and you feel too burnt out to deal with the fun you wish to have, right?

So do what you need to do to set a good bedtime routine. I decided to craft you up a good bedtime routine to try, I mean only if you can do these things.

Your Bedtime Routine Example

  • Turn off screens, even your phone, at least 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Drink some sleepy time tea or chamomile tea without sugar (just black or with sugar-free cream).
  • Grab a good book to read, or listen to an audiobook (just don’t look at the screen).
  • Shut off the lights or dim them so that you’re in a darker setting before bed.
  • About half an hour before you want to be asleep, go get into your bed to listen to your book or read a book with a dim book light (I like this one).
  • Then let yourself slowly drift off to sleep.

Have a hard time shutting off your mind?

Me too!

So what I do is talk to God, or Source, my Aunt Robin, or someone who may be “listening” to my inner thoughts.

I will start rambling (silently, to myself) about how grateful I am for another day to live, and how thankful I am for the friends I have, the connections I’m making, and the ability to get up and walk today. I just keep saying what I am grateful for until I drift off to sleep.

Yes, friends, I fall asleep talking to God Source or my Aunt Robin (RIP).

It may sound weird, but it works for me so I didn’t want to skip sharing that tip. 📌

Please consult a doctor or psychiatrist or whatever before doing anything I recommend. I am just a mere small-town gal looking at life through the lens of my simple habits to make life better.

This doesn’t work for everyone … but I am willing to bet it can work for most. 😉

My Final Thoughts

If you’re reading this and you all of a sudden realize that you need more fun in your life? Well, remember you are not alone.

So many of us just get into this auto-pilot mode and let’s face it, when you work from home it’s hard to detach “work” from “life”. It’s even harder when you don’t have others around you like a dog, or kids, or a significant other.

But remember, you don’t have to be surrounded by anyone to make a conscious choice to do something new. I invite you to keep an open mind about my ideas above and morph them into something that will work for you.

I hope that my silly, but honest, post here helps you find a way to get more sparkle and joy in your life.

That is all I want for every human out there, to feel more sparkle and LIVE a lot more.

Be well, my friends.

Thanks for reading!



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