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Do You Have a Purpose-Driven Brand?

As a leader, you understand your company’s mission and values better than most. It is your role to illuminate that vision so that others can understand what your company is striving toward, and be motivated to take part in it.

People Want to Work For Purpose-Driven Brands

When people are aware of a company’s purpose and believe in the vision that drives the business, they are more likely to want to work for that company. They also show more willingness to stay engaged through challenges if they understand the vision and know how they can contribute to it.

Leaders in an organization are critical to laying out the vision in a way that makes it easy to remember and to share. The perception that a company is purpose-driven must be felt at a gut level; feelings drive more day-to-day decisions than logic. A leader can ensure that both logic and feelings align with your organizational purpose, in the minds of your team and the public. “A clear, easily articulated vision enables team members to see the big picture, understand their role in it, see what success looks like, and find the motivation to help the organization get there,” says Ari Betof, organizational leader and consultant.

People Are More Likely to Choose Purpose-Driven Brands

Studies of consumer behavior show that people are more likely to remember and buy from brands that they perceive to be purpose-driven. When the message is sufficiently clear, people associate a brand’s logo with values such as “ethical,” “compassionate,” and “responsible.” These associations are automatic and intuitive on the part of the consumer, but are the result of intentional messaging created by leaders in the business.

Once the association is made between a brand and the company’s clearly articulated purpose, customers who feel aligned with those values are more likely to recognize the brand when they encounter it, and more likely to choose that brand over others when other factors such as availability, quality, and price are similar. For organizations that rely on donations, such as nonprofits, the desire to align oneself with the values represented by the organization is a strong motivation to become a donor.

“They may forget what you said – but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Carl W. Buehner

Purpose-Driven Brands Have an Advantage in the Long-Term

While aligning your company with a clear purpose builds credibility in the minds of your team and your customers, there is still work to be done to continue momentum over time. It is important to recognize and build upon short-term wins in service of the mission. This demonstrates your organizational commitment to the values associated with your brand, and shows that your organization is an effective agent for change in service to your vision.

When your team is recognized for their contribution to your organizational purpose and can see progress, they are motivated to build on that success. When the public is made aware of real progress you’ve made towards your vision, they develop trust in your brand and its values.

No matter what product or the service your organization provides, you are committed to a purpose beyond the day-to-day operations. Communicate that purpose effectively, and your organization will have an edge.


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