Do You Like My Hat?

I am obsessed with hats. I rarely can find one that I love, but as soon as I do find one that I love, I must wear it all of the time. That’s what happened when Tenth Street approached me about spring fashion ideas that featured … hats!

We are all under stay at home orders here in New Hampshire, and most of the world is being quarantined. We’re told to practice social distancing and must try to cure the world of a virus that’s going around.

This means I could only use my fancy hat for a little photoshoot at home. I can’t wait to wear this fun spring fashion hat outdoors when we hit the beach this summer.

I’m wearing the Cape May Brooklyn Straw Fedora from Tenth Street. This is a pretty awesome spring fashion addition to any wardrobe. I can picture me now, in my bathing suit with the dress coverup wearing my Cape May to shield my face from the sun.

Is it okay to wear a fedora?

Based on my research a fedora is perfect for the color days in spring, summer, and fall. If you’re going to wear a hat during the hotter days, spring fashion experts recommend you opt for a Panama hat.

I will use my Brooklyn Straw Fedora Cape May during our beach days, for it’s a lightweight straw style fedora that won’t keep my head too warm. I know that it’s the right texture to keep cool all the while making sure those sunrays stay out of my face.

I love the lightweight design and this fedora makes me feel all fancy. As you can see above, I was having a blast being a dork showcasing this fedora in my yard since we couldn’t hit the beach for some beautiful shots by the water.

Don’t mind my socks and crocs, remember we were doing a spring fashion photoshoot to feature my hat from Tenth Street, and I haven’t done my spring and summer shoe shopping yet.

If you’re looking for some stylish hats for spring, summer, and fall then you really need to check out Tenth Street. With over 325+ styles to choose from, Tenth Street Hats has everything from crushable fedoras to beautiful wide-brimmed UPF 50+ sun hats.

What does a fedora symbolize?

I found it interesting doing some research about a fedora. Apparently the fedora was a symbol of the women’s rights movement. Previously, only men wore fedoras.

Well, move over men, there’s a new style in town – fedoras for women.

And I think I’m rocking this spring fashion option!

What do you think?

Would you wear a fedora?


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