Does Noise Reducing Insulation Work: Can You Really Sleep Like A Baby?

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How many times have you come across ads that promise to make your home so silent that you could hear a fly digesting its food? Each time you see something like this, you are suspicious, am I right? I mean, who wouldn’t be. It just seems too good to be true.

But, that’s only because it is. No amount of noise reduction can make you hear a fly digest. However, with the best soundproof insulation available, you can come close to hearing it rub its little “hands” while planning their next move on conquering the world. Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating again.

What you can expect, though, is to get some quality sleep in your own home. At some point in your life, you must have entered a room or two and just thought to yourself: “There is something different about it”. Finally, you were able to pinpoint the difference. It was quiet, peaceful, serene… Unlike your house, or apartment, where every single step of your neighbor, or its cat, for that matter, sounds like a direct step on your ear.

And the cat is the least of your problems. Imagine if it were a constantly-barking dog, or a teenager learning how to play drums. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, believe me, things can get worse. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just let it be and try to get accustomed to it. Trust me, you won’t.

Let me be completely honest with you. If you are fed up with all the noises, but you keep putting up with them, well, that’s your fault. Don’t blame the neighbors, or the animals, or even the kid who wants to become a rock star. It’s their right to do what they want in their own places. And if it bothers you, well, find a way to deal with it and stop complaining. Here’s a useful source.

Noise Reducing Insulation

Luckily, there is a simple solution for these problems. It’s called noise reduction insulation and it is about to become your best friend! Not that you don’t have one already… But, still, you get my point. If you don’t, let me explain. This is what will make all your boring neighboring issues suddenly disappear.

In essence, the process of reducing noise, also called soundproofing, works by creating some kind of a barrier between your space and the adjacent spaces. Naturally, it also offers protection from the outside clamor. So, your next fight with the person living next to you, or above you, or anywhere near you, won’t be about their yelling, or singing in the shower.

The products you will choose for your specific insulation depend on the amount of noise that enters your home. Various materials are suitable for various frequencies. If the frequencies are unbearable, though, you might want to consult an expert to advise you on the best option.

More on frequencies:

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Mineral Wool Dominance

Nonetheless, what has proved to be the most popular choice is mineral wool. As opposed to fiberglass, this material does not pose a threat to the human respiratory system. Furthermore, it comes cheaper and with minimum amount of debris resulting after the installation process.

Additionally, it is completely safe to install in your property, even if you have children, or your own pets. I’m guessing the neighbors are not the only ones with animals. It works as a great allergy and fire retardant, so you can be a bit more at peace if you have to leave the young ones alone for a while.

Speaking of installation, it is important to mention that this process is as smooth as it gets with mineral wool. In any case, the whole procedure is significantly simplified compared to fiberglass. It doesn’t last forever and it doesn’t leave a big mess behind.

This material is also perfect for reducing echoes and those long reverberations in your home. Think of it this way. Any sound just swiftly comes and goes. No more annoying booms and resonances of a noise coming back multiple times and never seeming to go away permanently.

So, Can You Sleep Like A Baby?

While the quality of your dreams depends on many different things, we can all agree that the irritating sounds from the outside play their part here. You can do everything the right way – maintain a regular schedule, follow all the tips for getting a good night’s sleep and still wake up tired. Why? Well, because of that neighbor’s dog I mentioned earlier, right?

Once again, it’s not their fault. When you finally get that, I have no doubts that you will turn to soundproofing. That’s when you will find a different excuse. Something along these lines: “Oh, why would I waste time and money? Who knows if it will work anyway.”

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Well, I know – it sure does. When you properly examine your home, consider all the noises you are trying to protect yourself from and start researching to find your best option, there is no way that it won’t work. Then, after finally finishing the installation process and feeling the difference instantly, one question will keep popping up in your head: “Why haven’t I done this before?”

So, to answer your question… If you follow the steps and do everything the right way, you will be able to sleep like a baby. And, even better, because you won’t be waking up to get some food every couple of hours.

Is it better to sleep without noise?

No, it’s not better to sleep without noise. Perfectly silent environments can deter a person from falling asleep completely.

Is it bad to sleep with background noise?

The results of going to sleep with background noise vary from person to person. Overall, complete silence can give your brain the notice to overthink, thus creating an issue with falling asleep.


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