Dog DNA Test Kit

Why You Should Try a Dog DNA Test Kit

More and more people out there are purchasing different dog DNA test kit options, which is leading to the question for the rest of us as to how much for a dog DNA test kit as well as why even use one. It’s a logical question since many of us haven’t considered how much a dog DNA test kit can tell us about our furry friend or why we’d want to know their specific breed profile if we don’t really place importance on the breed of dog. Well, let’s talk about it! Here are some reasons why you should try a dog DNA test kit, as well as some information for those wondering about the cost of a dog DNA test as well.

Dog DNA Test Kit

1. Temperament Knowledge

Purchasing a dog DNA test kit means you can learn insights into what breeds your dog is, which can help a great deal if you want to figure out how your dog is predisposed to react to new situations, people, family members, or even how to better train them to work with their breed’s needs. The cost of a dog DNA test ends up paying for useful knowledge you can use to help do better for your pet.

2. Health Insights

Through Embark Vet, a dog DNA test kit can not only give you the basics about your dog’s breed but also in-depth knowledge regarding what health risks and issues they may have. You’re able to pay to learn what can afflict your furry friend in the future, which can help so that you can avoid that with close attention to signs of the issue as well as helpful diet and exercise habits to avoid it.

3. Better Bonding

Different traits and different breeds of dogs tend to bond in very different ways with their human family, and the cost of a dog DNA test will pay towards helping you know some more information about those traits that will assist in your bonding. Why is bonding important? It helps ensure your furry friend feels safest with you as well as helps if you need or want to pursue training in the future.

How Can I Get a Dog DNA Test Kit?

If from learning these tidbits about how useful a dog DNA test can be for you and your pet, you’re probably wondering what the actual cost of a dog DNA test is as well as where to get them. At Embark Vet, you can order your own dog DNA test kit, including health tests, for $199 (currently $159 with code DOGLIFE). You will receive a kit with a swab in the mail, which tells you exactly how to use the kit.

Overall, dog DNA test kits are an increasingly popular item for pet parents that can massively help dog owners best bond with and learn the most about their pet, and through Embark Vet, the cost of a dog DNA test pays for breed breakdown as well as many health insights, possible linking to your pet’s relatives, a list of traits your pet has, and much more. You’re truly able to use this tool easily, and for many advantages in your furry friend’s lifetime, and by investing in the cost of a dog DNA test now, you will receive benefits that pay it back in full over time. Who doesn’t want their dog to have the best health and happiness in life? A dog DNA test can help you with that!


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