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Learn Your Dog’s Health Needs Through Embark Vet

Dog DNA Test

Embark Vet is a great option for those looking for a dog DNA test kit that gives the most comprehensive and useful information compared to others on the market. For $199, you can purchase a breed and health kit that will give you insights into your pet’s breed specifics as well as many different possible genetic health issues and risks your dog may be subject to in its lifetime. What can that do for you? And how can knowing the health needs from this test help you? Let’s talk about it!

There are many different health issues that can impact a dog in life. From ingrown nails to diabetes to heart conditions to hip and joint struggles and so much more, it’s pretty scary to not know what could come. A dog DNA test kit from Embark Vet will help eliminate that guesswork from your pet’s life, and you can work to actively monitor and prevent what health results you receive for your dog with your pet’s vet.

dogs health needs

If you noticed the mention of ingrown nails, you’re probably questioning can dogs get ingrown toenails? Yes, this is a possibility in many different breeds, especially smaller breeds that have a closer distance between their nails and paws. This is, luckily, something you can avoid with regular nail clippings and close attention. But many dogs don’t like their nails clipped, which can be difficult to navigate.

Embark Vet’s dog DNA test kit can give you information on your dog’s genetic traits and predispositions so that you won’t have to worry so much about can dogs get ingrown toenails and can focus on continuous improvement and health for your furry friend. You can use the traits from this dog DNA test kit to figure out how to easily keep up with nail clipping and other health needs of your pet.

But when it comes to how much for a dog DNA test, what cost of a dog DNA test is too high? It may seem to be a lot to invest into the Embark Vet dog DNA test kit, but you’re receiving a lot of useful information that may help pay it forward in your pet’s lifetime. How much for a dog DNA test through Embark Vet? Currently, the test is $199 with a sale code DOGLIFE for the breed and health kit that, makes it $149.

Once you purchase a dog DNA test kit through Embark Vet, you will receive a swab kit in the mail to your home that will include the swab that you use on your dog’s cheek as well as things to package and ship this back to Embark Vet for results. The dog DNA test kit will then be analyzed, and you will be able to access in-depth results about your dog’s breed, traits, genetic health risks, and more.

Embark Vet also is able to work directly with your veterinarian and send this information to your pet’s vet so that you can discuss these results and work on a plan to prevent any health risks your dog may have. The cost of a dog DNA test kit will help you to find and prevent important health needs or risks in your furry friend, which is so worth it to any pet owner that wants to spend the most time with their dog.

Now that you know a little about can dogs get ingrown toenails, what a dog DNA test kit can do for you, how much for a dog DNA test, and more; you can consider purchasing your own dog DNA test kit through Embark Vet today to learn more about your pet and how to keep them the healthiest and safest possible in their lifetime. Remember that right now; you can use code DOGLIFE to get $40 off of a breed and health kit through Embark Vet, so don’t delay!


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