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5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Drinking Coffee

Coffee is well-liked all around the world because of its popularity and variety of ways to enjoy depending on personal tastes. It gives us a bit of caffeine with an enjoyable drink that can be had cold or hot depending on the time of day. Plenty of people like the jolt in the morning to get them going for the day, while some just partake in this drink occasionally at best. What does coffee drinking do for you? There are loads of upsides to this habit when done in moderation of course. Here are 5 benefits of drinking coffee to get you started on the topic.

Drinking Coffee

Caffeine Benefits

Drinking caffeine has a lot of varying benefits. It can improve energy, reduce fatigue, help reduce or prevent headaches for some people, increase the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine that boost mood, and so much else. Coffee delivers a smaller dose of caffeine than options like energy drinks, which is excellent for those that have lower caffeine tolerance (or just don’t need insane amounts of it).

Support Health

Proper intake of coffee over time can help do a lot for your health since it’s rich in antioxidants and ingredients that help your body preserve your pancreas function-which help continue insulin production properly-or reduce the risk of major brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The antioxidants help control inflammation as well which creates or contributes to many disorders and pains.

Weight and Fat Management

Coffee has been linked in multiple studies to decreased body fat in men and women, although more markedly in men, for those that drank a slightly increased amount of the drink than others without overindulging. Fat management can help contribute to weight loss or reduced the risk of dangerous diseases. Coffee can also boost exercise amounts, and those drinking two cups a day met activity amounts more and easier.

Longer Life

Some studies over time have been able to find a connection between a longer life and drinking two to four cups of coffee daily. This even was possible regardless of other factors for health like weight, alcohol consumption, and more. Lower risks of major diseases like cancer, heart disease, and the others we already mentioned helped improve longevity for coffee drinkers.

Useful Tool

If you have things to do in life or want to improve performance in exercise, work, or other goals coffee can be extremely useful if used in proper amounts. The drink’s caffeine is most at hand in this factor, since caffeine can help you focus more immediately and for longer amounts of time. Coffee also heavily works to reduce or fully eliminate brain fog that can hinder your productivity.

How to Enjoy

Now that you’ve learned some benefits of drinking coffee, it’s time to learn a little about how to enjoy the drink itself at home. You can always go to somewhere local like a coffee shop for ease of access to customized drinks just to your taste, but you can also enjoy coffee at home too.

For making coffee at home, you can choose from larger machines that can grind the beans and brew coffee all in one which is a large price point but can pay off over time. But for simplicity, you can go for this classic coffee maker from 1stInCoffee that brews 5 cups of coffee at once, or just get a simple single-serve coffee maker like this one from Capresso that can create your perfect serving from pods or grounds.

Once you have some supplies for making the coffee itself, you can purchase grounds, pods, or whole beans from many different retailers. There are also decaf options for those that need to enjoy the drink without the jolt of caffeine. Don’t know what you like for flavor and variety of coffee? Try something like this ground coffee 6 sampler pack to get great options to experiment with!

Now you can go to the grocery store to get items like sugar, creamer, or milk for your coffee. This is offered in so many options that it’s hard to keep track of, but you can flavor your drink just about any flavor you’d like. There are even vegan options like oat or almond-based creamers and milk for those out there that want a non-dairy drink.

Whether you’ve had this form of caffeine before or not, learning something new and interesting about how it can benefit your body and mind is great to know. And, the added bonus at the end gives you some ideas for how to enjoy coffee at your own taste and pace at home with some items from 1stInCoffee. One of the best things about a beneficial drink like this is that you can drink coffee at any time of day and in so many ways, as long as you drink it in moderation you can reap many benefits like the ones above and even more we didn’t get to today.


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