Drinking Tea

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea is a drink that is insanely popular all around the world, whether it be for occasional enjoyment or a daily habit. It can be enjoyed by most ages, and there are options for tea that can help many different needs or ailments in life. Whether you need to rest, boost your immunity, feel awakened, or release stress, there’s a tea for you! But what are the actual benefits of this drink? And how can you get your own teas to try? Here are some of the benefits of drinking tea, as well as some excellent offers from CrateJoy that can help you have special teas in your own home.\

Drinking Tea

1. Mental Health Boost

If you consume tea regularly in life, studies have shown that it can help reduce the stress hormones in your body as well as decrease your risk of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The warm element of a cup of tea helps your body to relax, while antioxidants in teas target and reduce oxidative stress in your system, which builds up and harms your cells and mind.

Can tea help your mental health? Who knew! Do you know what else helps your mental and physical well-being in life? Self-care does. The Premier Wellness Box from TeaPrayLove on CrateJoy starts at $35.99 a box with many subscription options and gives you some unique tea options as well as curated self-care items to help boost your mind and body throughout the month.

2. Useful For Every Purpose

Benefits from tea vary heavily depending on what type of tea you consume. You can consume traditional tea in Oolong, Green Tea, or Black Tea, which gives you some caffeine as well as antioxidants. Or you can choose blended herbal teas, which all have different uses for your needs. For example, chamomile tea helps calm nerves and improve sleep, while mint teas are good for digestion.

Looking to explore more about this whole new world of different teas? Sips by Box is a perfectly personalized subscription option that starts at just $15.00 per box, and you can try all different versions of tea each month or find something you like and stick to it through this concept. This box curates your tea from over 100 tea brands all around the globe, which means you have plenty of teas to consider or receive!

3. Improve Focus

Caffeine itself is an ingredient in some types of teas that can help with many aspects of your well-being, especially with keeping your brain alert and healthily focused. Or, if caffeine isn’t your forte, iced herbal teas can help deliver the same focus boost to help you through your day or help you refocus on a task you are trying to complete. You can sip teas while working or during your free time for better focus on hobbies.

Speaking of hobbies, CrateJoy even has tea-related options for those of us that want to spend money on something other than just new drinks each month. The Craft and Tea Box starts at $41.00 per box and includes craft kits of different types each month with enough tea to last you a while. You can use this box for date nights, spending time sipping and crafting with family, and so much more.

4. Learn History

Maybe try spending some time sipping tea and learning about its origins if you want an intellectual benefit from drinking this delightful option! You can even still get traditional-style teacups and teapots that connect with more sophisticated times of tea drinking or try making your own scones and sit to read or watch information on the history of British tea drinking. There’s so much to learn about this drink’s past.

Need something easy and ready for you to sit back to learn some history? Teacup and Scones of the Month Subscription Box send monthly scones, tea, and a china teacup and saucer to your door. You can immerse yourself with these traditional but delightful items, and you can even currently use the code ERIKASTEA15 for 15% off of a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to this box.

Even if you don’t normally think of tea when it comes to enjoying a warm or iced drink in your day, maybe one of today’s options from CrateJoy or some of the many benefits you can reap from it will have you changing your mind. With how many options there are for flavors and uses, you can truly find something that you like; not to mention, you can always add enhanced flavor by using items like honey, sugar, or lemon juice to make a cup of tea the absolute best for your tastes. Don’t forget to use any of the discount codes provided today to save some on a CrateJoy tea purchase!


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