Easy Ways To Maximize Your WFH Productivity In The New Normal

The new normal is here, and things are not the same. Many American companies have picked the remote work model for the long haul. As an employee, you can expect to work from home for the foreseeable future if you are employed with one of these companies. The good thing is that you have flexibility and freedom from daily commutes. Not to mention, you stay safe from the virus. But the downside is that you may struggle to retain productivity as you work from home in the long haul.

WFH productivity can be elusive as you feel like giving your best one day and suddenly experience burnout on the next. Factors like tech issues, internet bottlenecks, and distractions at home may also make you less productive. The idea is to overcome these challenges and maintain your productivity levels for an extended WFH stint. While there is no magic pill to give a complete solution, a few habits and tricks can get you on the right track. Here are some ways to maximize your WFH productivity in the new normal.

Align with the mindset

The vaccine rollouts came as great news for working Americans as they expected to return to the office once things were in place. The thought is exciting in itself after being home for more than a year. But many business owners have decided to let their teams run remotely. The idea of working from home forever can be hard to digest if you love a workplace buzzing with people and activity. It can even hit your productivity levels. The first thing you need to do is to align with the new mindset. Consider the pros of working from home, and you will feel lucky about the chance to continue with the remote model. Once you align the mindset, you can work on the other aspects of resetting your productivity levels.

Dress up for work

It is easy to stay in your bed and work in track pants when the average office day starts this way. But you may end up feeling lazy and miserable sooner rather than later. Giving up on the habit should be on top of your wishlist. Start the day on a good note by showering and dressing up as you would normally do. Dress as you would for a client meeting so that you look presentable during virtual interactions. Skip the commute part and set a schedule for your working day. Try to limit distractions and domestic tasks unless they are too essential to fit into the routine. You can wrap them up or seek your partner’s help to handle the domestic tasks so that you can focus fully on work.

Ramp up your WFH space

You may have worked from your bed or living room couch throughout the pandemic, but it is time to ramp up your WFH space. Poor posture can make you sick, and distractions affect your concentration. You need to address these concerns even more now when extended WFH is impending. Investing in a new WFH office is a good idea now that you have to stay at home for the long haul. Employers are willing to provide funds, so ask for them. Buy comfortable furniture that ensures good posture. Ensure adequate lighting and work a little on the decor of the area. Place some greens around and have a motivational quote on the wall to keep you going. Choose a quiet and distraction-free space to stay on the task.

Reassess your tech and tools

If a lack of the right tech and tools seems to hinder your productivity, it is time to switch them up. Professionals often struggle with internet connectivity, specifically in high-traffic areas like New York. You can look around for the best New york internet service providers and compare their services and pricing plans. Check their reviews to assess the quality and reliability of connectivity. Switch your current provider if the internet service is a concern. Look for better productivity and time management tools to stay ahead. You may want to upgrade your device. Ask your employer for a better device and new tools.

Rework on your daily planner

Another way to go the extra mile with your productivity in the new normal is to rework your daily planner. Talk to your team leader to get a clear view of expectations for timelines and tasks. Prepare fresh to-do lists daily and weekly, and make it a habit to tick off the completed tasks. You will feel more productive and efficient sooner than you know. The habit ensures that you never miss out on priority stuff and do not waste time on less significant things. Moreover, self-tracking makes you confident about your work, and you never have to struggle to stay productive.

Refresh your self-care plan

Your productivity levels link closely with wellness, so make sure you are a step ahead of your physical and mental health. Refresh your self-care plan and rework on achieving a work-life balance in the new normal. Your employer’s expectations will change, and you must understand them and realign accordingly. Pick a holistic diet plan and fit exercise into your work schedule. A healthy and fit body makes you capable of delivering the best. Mental wellness is equally crucial. Make meditation and stress-relief exercise a part of your daily routine. Anxiety is imperative in the new normal, but effective self-care can help you handle it better.

WFH productivity can get even more challenging in the new normal. The stress of working remotely for the long run can make you less productive. At the same time, your employer may become more demanding, and matching up seems hard. Thankfully, you can stay ahead of stress and expectations with these simple tips. Follow them, and you will never fall short of WFH productivity. But be kind to yourself and prepare to face bad days. Life will get a lot easier even as you work from home.


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