Easy Ways to Sneak in Exercise for Positive Health

Exercise has a profusion of physical and mental benefits, and there’s not a person on Earth who wouldn’t want to get fit or in shape. While a larger chunk of people doesn’t exercise due to lethargy, many are unable to fit exercise into their routine due to a tight schedule.

Finding a proper, alone time for yourself to focus on your body is usually pretty tricky in time-pressed lives. Well, the fact is, you don’t need an entire half an hour for fitness; you can stay active during the tiny fragments of time that they are able to avail. Here are some of the easy ways to sneak in exercise for positive health.

Morning stretches

Start your day with some gentle stretching. It regulates blood pressure and energizes you to start your day. You can add some push-ups or crunches to make a mix. This is the easiest 5-minute workout for positive health to burn calories, improve digestion, and boost your mood. No matter how late you sleep or how lazy you feel, don’t let your lethargy get the best of you.

Clean your house

It is a gem of an activity that presents you with a win-win situation. You get to clean your house and burn lots of calories. It is the best way to sneak in exercise in your routine to work up a sweat. Whether it’s dusting, making up your bed, or taking out the trash, you can end up burning up to 150 calories. How amazing is that! Just increase your pace of doing the chores and use multiple parts of your body to keep yourself fully active.

Brush and squat

This might seem a little odd, but by far, it is the most effortless exercise to squeeze into your routine. You brush your teeth every morning; all you have to do is squat while you’re brushing. You’re multitasking, strengthening your quads, and pumping your heart. What’s better than that to begin your day?

Move at lunch hours

We’re all free during our lunch hours. And all we do during that hour is to sit, eat and talk. Well, you can use this time to be a little more productive. Use this time to run errands, take a walk, or go to the gym. Don’t sit idle on your desk and don’t eat unhealthy food at all. This leads to positive health physically and mentally.

Exercise at your desk

You think you can’t exercise on your desk because you’re supposed to sit straight and idle? That’s all in your head. You can keep some hand weights to work on your biceps while you’re on the phone. You can also exercise discreetly by tightening your stomach muscles for 3-10 seconds. Repeat this at least four times a day, and you’re working out, and that also without anyone knowing.

Stroll your dog

Is it difficult to take out time for yourself? Well, your dog needs you. So, instead of playing with him while you’re on your couch, move and take him out on a walk. He’ll get to have a nice stroll while you can have a little jog time to stay active. If you’re looking for a way to pursue positive health, this is an excellent opportunity to grab.

Take the stairs

Do you take an elevator every day to reach your floor? Have you ever thought of taking the stairs? If not, then now you should. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Your thighs might find it difficult at first, but with time, they’ll adapt to it, and you’ll be thankful for the tip. So, awaken up the beast and start stepping up.

 Park your car away

Another fantastic way to sneak in exercise in your routine is by taking all the possible opportunities to walk. One of the tips to do that is by parking your car further away from the building. It allows you to take a walk to your building, giving yourself a nice, healthy workout.

Meetings on the go

Why do you have to take all of your meetings while sitting at your desk? Instead of sitting down with your coworkers to have a meeting over a cup of coffee, suggest them to go for a walk. It regulates your blood pressure and helps your brain function optimally.

 Do your chores yourself

Assistants are convenient, and that’s great but if you want a positive health impact, start doing your chores yourself.  Get up from your desk to do the filing or copying or even getting yourself coffee. It will give your assistant a break, and you’ll get yourself moving. Easy workout!

Clean your office desk

The way you keep your house clean, you must keep your desk clean too. It will give you a happier, fresher, and satisfying environment to work in. Moreover, you’ll get a gentle workout for your muscles. You can dust or declutter your workspace to give it a cleaner look and make space for more projects.

Grocery shopping

Instead of buying your groceries, walk to the store. Walking the aisles, pushing the cart, reaching for the shelves and taking the groceries home can be an ideal workout for your body. Also, you take control of getting healthy food only.

Set alarms

If it’s difficult for you to remind yourself to move or walk, use the technology to serve some good purpose. Set up alarms as a reminder for you to get up from your desk and take a slight detour. Stretch your muscles, walk a bit and get back to work—one of the best ways to progress towards positive health.

Hand wash your dishes

Prepping your food is a task, but a bigger one is to clean after that. Instead of stacking your dishes into the dishwasher, hand wash them. You’ll save water, energy and give yourself a light workout. 

 No potato-couching

We all need some time to watch TV but don’t make it a sedentary one. Instead, keep your yoga along with it. You can use a treadmill, lift some weights, or make some lunges while watching TV. Becoming a couch potato is the last thing you’d want to do if you’re pursuing positive health.


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