Enjoy Drink with Live Nature Cams

Having a live camera feed is becoming increasingly popular for companies and areas around the world. Now you can enjoy various areas around the world while sitting at home.

These live camera feeds are typically accessible with an internet connection and can feature advertisements for local places like Melvin Brewing. Not only do live nature cams or city cams provide everyone with a chance to see the world without leaving home, but you can enjoy a nice glass of beer while you’re watching these cams.

Since I’m sharing some details about a fun staycation with a glass of beer, I thought I’d share some tips for your live nature cam staycation event.

What Beer Goes Good for Staycation

The beer I recommend for a staycation event is any of the beers from the Melvin Brewing company. The types of beer in this brewery that I recommend are the India Pale Ale, the Vlad’s Impaler, and Melvin IPA.

If you’re a fan of IPAs, Vlad’s Impaler is a perfect beer for a scenic staycation outside!

Tips for Serving Beer to Guests

First, you’ll want to set out plenty of ice so that your guests can enjoy their drinks cold and refreshing. You’ll also want to make sure there’s plenty of water or other non-alcoholic drinks on hand if your party guests don’t drink alcohol. Of course, if you’re watching a live cam feed while having your beers, the sky is the limit!

Some people may have a hard time watching a live feed of nature without getting distracted. Make sure your guests are engaged with each other and the visuals, rather than on their phones or laptops during the viewing.

Probably the most popular reason people have staycations is that they want to relax in their own home. A live feed of nature or city can provide a great sense of peace and calm during your staycation, so make sure you’re fully engaged in what’s happening outside!

Where To View The Live Feed

Tips for viewing a live feed of nature are pretty simple. You’ll want to ensure that you have access to the internet and it’s not too cold outside.

You may be asking yourself where exactly can I go to view these live cam feeds? Well, if you’re wanting to take advantage of a nature cam it’s as simple as going on your phone and searching for a place or area. You can also go to various websites like YouTube that feature live nature cams.

A live cam feed is a great way to feel like you’re in a different place for the day. I recommend linking your computer or TV to any of the city or nature staycation live feeds that are available. You can also get some great tips about what you should do while watching your favorite live cam feed!

You can enjoy a beer and some live cam footage of Star Valley and similar areas. This is a fabulous way to not only enjoy the world without leaving the comfort and safety of your home but enjoying a vacation with a beer without leaving the house!

I hope that you enjoyed my tips for planning a simple and fun staycation with beer and live nature cams! This is a unique way to enjoy some quality time with your friends without breaking the bank or worrying about having a designated driver.


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