Essentials for Hamster Owners

As you probably know by now, my family has recently gotten an adorable hamster named Bear. He’s our first family hamster and the smallest animal we’ve taken care of, so it’s been a bit of a learning curb to give him all the best stuff.

In case you have a hamster or want to get one, I decided today I’m going to give you a list of some of the essentials for anyone that has a pet hamster with some Amazon ideas for them. These can help you plan for a hamster, ensure your hamster is well cared for, or just learn.

Cage for Hamster

Of course, it’s super important to have a good cage or enclosure for your hamster. You can get shorter cages such as this or cages that include ramps, tunnels, or other climbing places like this one. Be sure you know what the cage comes with, some supply water bottles or food dishes and some don’t.

Water and Food Holders for Hamster

In the case the cage doesn’t come with a water bottle or food dish, there are many options out there. These might require more personalized shopping depending on the type of cage you have and what you like. Make sure that the food bowl isn’t something your hamster can easily break apart or chew apart and get sick from.

Bedding for Hamster

Hamsters need bedding or substrate in their homes to be able to make their own bed and to go to the bathroom. Bear spends a lot of time moving his bedding around to make himself a little burrow in the corner. Here’s a good option to start with that’s also inexpensive. Fragrance-free is probably best because hamsters can be sensitive.

Chews for Hamster

Hamsters have teeth that are constantly growing, and they need options to chew on in order to keep their teeth down. You can get toy-like objects for hamster chews such as this assortment fairly inexpensive. Or, even more cool, there are chews that double as hideaway homes for your pet such as this one.

Other Important Notes About Hamster Essentials

You may also want to ensure you have toys, a wheel or ball, and possibly a playpen so that your hamster can get enrichment and exercise. Bear has a ball for running around and his cage has a wheel as well. Some hamsters are lazier than others, but you still want to give them the opportunity for enjoyment.

I chose to keep the list simple and inexpensive for those of us that can’t afford too high-end items for pets or have a budget, but of course, you can expand on this and go for more expensive versions of these items or more of them.

Some people love to spoil their pets, and hamsters are easy to spoil due to the huge amount of options for hamster stuff out there.

Hopefully, this helps you prepare for a hamster or just learn more about taking care of them as far as purchases go.

This article was written by Jax, a partner writer at Brandy Ellen Enterprises Content Curators.


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